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G&G M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)
by Steven L. Date Added: March 4, 2011
If you need a good m14, then get this one. You won't be disappointed.

I got this gun a while back and I waited to write this review until I had fully tested the gun. The look and feel of this gun is just amazing.

The body is made up of a dense and durable plastic. Even though it isn't wood and its lighter than wood it can take a bit more punishment than the wood in terms of resisting scratches and taking heavy blows like when you trip. The weakest points are the handle leading to the stock and the other end where the barrel comes out of it.

The motor is just amazing. With a 9.6v battery, it rivals my friend's Zombie edition M4 in fire rate. Nothing screams "Wall of bullets" more than this gun due to the 470 round mag that they give you so that this motor has some work to do while its out there. The motor can easily power an M130 spring with the same fire rate.

The internals are beautiful. When I first opened the box my friend stopped me and told me that the first thing that I had to do is take it apart. This was to make sure that all the parts were in working order and to make sure that everything was connected right. 30 seconds later I had the internals out of it's shell laying across the work bench. This gun is so easy to take apart and locks back together so well you can replace a spring between matches with ease.

Now for Range. Most airsoft guns shoot about 70-120 feet with snipers shooting between 150 and 200ft. The difference is that snipers still have good accuracy at the end of their range while others loose accuracy towards the end. This with those common statistics said, this gun is a sniper rifle. Just one with full auto, you know, because nothing screams sniper rifle more than "FULL AUTO". The range on this gun is 200f+, where it keeps its amazing accuracy up to there, and then will fire up to 300ft before you have to start arching the shots. Where I live this is very important because of wind. Its always windy where I live so sometimes I have to shoot against the wind to hit people. With this gun, you'll have no problem having more range than most M4s against the wind than they will with the wind.

The accuracy on this is perfect. We have a small shooting range at our meet-up place that we go to before airsofting to calibrate scopes and hopups. The part for adjusting sights is 110 feet long and the part for adjusting hopups is about 230-250feet long. At 70ft, we got it to hit everything that you aim at through a scope. It's 98% percent accurate to hit a dime at that distance. (We spent hours and 3,000 bbs to get this) At 110 feet, the radius is 3" with 95%. All of these tests were indoors with 0 wind and air currents, so this will obviously be worse depending on your playing field. The guy who adjusted the sights is currently in the air force, so I'm sure he knew what he was doing. At about 200 ft, you can hit a man sized target outside with ease. I don't have the numbers to show you if it will be 90% or higher, mostly because no one wanted to be shot 100 times to collect data.

Now for the hopup. We fired this gun about 1' off the ground at a metal building 200' away. The bb dropped about 1"before it hit the side. At about 300' though, the bbs started to get close to the ground, most likely because the spin on the bb went away from air friction.

To make things even better, I tried everything on full auto, just to see what would change. So far, nothing much. At 70' I was hitting the bbs that were bouncing off of the target showing that wherever the last bb hit, that's where the next one was going. Also, the fire rate was fast enough to keep up with falling bbs. When I shoot this in full auto, its like a constant stream of bbs coming out. In fact, it shoots so fast that I have to wind up the high-cap mag all the time. At 100', it makes a little circle about the size of someone's face. At 200', the spread is about the size of a person, so just pretend you're Rambo and let loose at snipers, or switch back to semi-auto and hit them with 1 bb.

The noise this thing makes isn't scary to hear when it's firing. The sound my friend's MP5 makes will send people running from the room. Though the sound that this thing makes when you pull the "bolt thing" back will turn heads. It makes the most beautiful "Click Clack" noise ever and G&G made it reinforced so you can do it all the time without ever having to worry about breaking it.

Best part is, all of this is STOCK!

For you all who want the short version of this review... here it is.
Fast fire rate
Accurate (70ft - hits dimes, 110ft - 3" spread, 200ft - Chest size spread,
250+ - use full auto to guarantee a hit)
Long range (300ft before you have to arch shots)
No need to upgrade
Iron sights are Very accurate
Scope is more accurate

Heavy (you'll get stronger if you always bring it)
Hard to get mags for (only 2 mags available, 80 shot or a 470 round high cap)
Not TM compatible on all parts (see youtube for more details)
Not all scope mounts are compatible.

I highly recommend this gun!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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