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A&K Full Metal M249 Para Trooper SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag
$360.00 $279.99
by Matt J. Date Added: October 4, 2009
Been using this gun with my friend who bought it for a couple months now, and have taken it to multiple large game scenarios and it has performed above and beyond expectations without fail. Using the stock battery, I will address now, is for testing only; to get the best rate of fire and performance, get yourself the PEQ2 style 9.6v 2200MAh Matrix, or small type Li-Poly, either will do, but from experience, the Li-Poly wins.

My friend mucked up the hop-up on his 249 pretty early on, disassembling it and such, but without one of the key pieces to push down on the bucking, it can still hit a target easily from 150ft away. At the first game we brought it to, it was hitting targets 300ft away from an elevated platform on a ridge so despite its small barrel, it's pretty freaking good.

It Chronographed at both competitions between 350fps and 380fps, both with hopup buckings tuned in and pressing down on BBs. This gun does not need a spring upgrade.... Or any other gearbox upgrade save for the hop up bucking, which is not a GB upgrade; ours is running a 12c 11.1v 1250MAh Li-Po, and it's put out over 10,000 rounds without a single feeding/internal issue save for a pre-existing trigger problem. Doubts aside, this gun is 'Li-Po Ready' for sure. It can sustain consistent streams of fire up to what I have put out which was around 500 rounds in one spray; I know, I know, it's not safe, I'm aware, but duty calls(ie defend from a rush) and the gun held up like it was nothing.

It's heavy; if you don't already know that, you don't know this gun I'm afraid. I am 5' 10" and went through 3 years of weight training class in high school and am 230lbs, and this gun is still heavy after a short skirmish. Get the sling for it, you will NOT regret it.

The trigger seems to jam on our 249 though; for some reason I cannot get it to fire in less than a 10 round burst despite simply tapping the trigger. I have considered replacing the trigger mechanism but it is not my 249, so I will not tinker. Other than that, and having troubles with the stock on ours, this gun has been a downright monster on the battlefield; having 2500 rounds at your command on the drop of a dime is power that.... well... money CAN buy, and it is money well spent.

For anyone looking for that authentic feel of the machine gunner, and doesn't want to buy a cheap AEG and drop a drum magazine on it and say 'Oh look, machine gun!! XD' - This is your gun, it is the real deal and will get you instant aggro on the field versus some G36c or M4 with a drum/box magazine, and do it with style. A solid 5/5 support weapon, and I am definitely getting myself the A&K M249 SAW when I get the money, this thing is the textbook definition of BEAST, and I want one for myself. The only thing better than one 249 in your bunker... is two! _:]

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