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AGM M14 Full Size Airsoft Sniper Rifle + Red Dot and Flashlight
by David S. Date Added: April 30, 2011
This gun is pretty good. kinda hurts to get hit by (especially if it hits your elbow).
First off, the "scope" is a peice of junk, suggest getting a seperate one.

Kinda hard to manuver through brush and stuff, not a big problem

on the other hand, its realistically heavy, feels nice to carry around, and shoots hard and accurately with .20s the included flashlight and speedloder are pretty nice, although the flashlight is nice to have not for this gun, but mabe another gun that needs an upgrade.

the glasses however are pretty flimsy, mine broke while in my pocket.


Heavy (a pro to me, mabe not others)



Looks cool

RIS is detatchable

Flashlight, sling, speedloader are all good parts


Probably wont save your life in CQB, but thats obvious.

hard to cock (you get used to it)

scope and goggles not so good, (new scope is easy to find, just go buy yourself some goggles)

RIS is a tiny bit wobbly, not noticable in game though.

clip is a bit small, a bit fraglie

Overall, a good gun for use for long range combat or a DMR, bring an other gun with you as a backup. If you only have close range weapons, this is your gun. If you are looking for a really good Nuke-your-buddy's-face sniperrifle, save up another 50$ and get that nice gas sniper you saw earlier, but if you are a gamer on a budget, get it!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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