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z BELL Full Metal 1:1 Scale Gas Blowback M9 Airsoft Pistol
by John Y. Date Added: November 13, 2008
This gun is fairly decent for the value
The only things I have to say are to watch the safeties, especially the right side, as they fall off easily, and the trigger spring may eventually break, disabling double action.
This type of generic HFC/clone M9 also has a tendency to fire when the slide racked with the safety on.
Very bad, may lead to accidents in the safe room.
Otherwise, the kick is nice, the pistol is fairly accurate and has reasonable range.
The mags are kinda cheap feeling, but it can use any HFC/KJW/generic M9 mag, although I'm pretty sure Marui and KWA won't fit.
The guncase is decent, cheap plastic and foam, but entire usable.
I'm not sure how it'd hold up if you dropped it or anything though.

All in all, fairly decent pistol, and I'm planning on using one for parts for a Samurai Edge project.

IMPORTANT: if you want a good, cheap Beretta, this would be much better then the HFC full auto.
You see, the thing about the full auto is that the extra position on the safety for auto, not to mention the firing itself, is very hard on the safety. The safety can break very easily on said gun because of this.
The Bell would be better then the HFC as a standard pistol due to this, not to mention it doesn't have the crap-tastic "trademarks" that the HFC has.
If you want a full auto Beretta the HFC is.......still crap. Get a KWA M93R, as the safety is relocated and more durable.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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