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JG M4 Commando Airsoft AEG Rifle w Skeleton Side Folding Stock (Enhanced Li-Po Ready Upgraded Gearbox)
by Tom D. Date Added: July 6, 2010
I have never shot or felt such an AWESOME rifle in my hands. This sucker is one of the best JG rifles on the market today. i say that because of the Folding Skeleton stock, man that thins was what bought me on the M-4, because I am a die-hard G-36 fan and after scrolling through and seeing the original Commando barrel, shortened front end M-15 A4 Carbine I was shocked and decided to buy it. I am apalled at why Evike doesent have this at 350 bucks because (not complaining, keep the price low guys, keep it low) It shot 350+ out of the box with a half charged Dboys battery, and the cyclic rate was nuts, at around 760-800 WITH a half charged battery.
Fully charged battery, and, BOOYA!! cyclic rate went up to 950 to 1000 and this this shot 200 feet WITH .25's and as far with white Crosman .2's.

So, overall i like the sling mount that it comes with, (it has a side buttstock {left side} sling mount that goes on right 'hind the folding stock) and the folding stock is a lifesaver in CQC where you may not have the room to flop a whole 5.9 pound rifle over a wall or around a corner. As for accuracy, it is pinpoint to the hop-up diminish point.

Weight is somewhat light and I love the Field strip-able procedure where alls u do is pop out a pin on the body and pull up and the whole top reciever comes out. Makes Cleaning a snap and a half!! (Note: the barrel comes out to clean, how nice is that?)

So overall, this is a BEAUTIFUL rifle and I am beyond pleased. I have no thoughts whatsoever about putting a Lipo in it because im afraid the cyclic rate would be so high that it would sound like a WWII Hitlers Zipper MG42 lol!

Sling mount (stock sling mount)
Folding stock (lifesaver)
1000 ROf cyclic rate on charged battery
Not too heavy, not light at all
Small and extremely agile
Cleaning is a snap thanks to field-strip procedure
overall great JG masterpiece

Only 1 I have seen so far, the battery fuse is made to where i cannot install an M-203 Grenade launcher, but it is too pretty by itself, so itll have to wait for a regular M-4

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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