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by ben p. Date Added: December 20, 2010
Hello every body. I just got this gun in november and after putting it through some tests would like to give y'all a review.
Now I want to start off by saying that I am a gun nut. So rest assured that if I got a gun that isnt good or reliable I would have no problem saying it, so onto the review.

I would like to start off by saying that the gun, and the price for all of this is nothing short of amazing. The gun is well crafted and incredibly realistic. And almost everything the package includes are good quality items. And the two peace gearbox is an amazing feature. Cleaning and oiling became incredibly easier! However, and this is REALLY important, always make shure to hit the tension release button before cleaning/oiling. It sets the gears back to there origional place so when u open the gun it will close proberly. Otherwise u can't close the gun up. Now I really only found one disapointment with the package, and thatbwas the box mag. I bought this to have the versitility of an assualt rifle and a squad support weapon only to find it was a crappy wind up box mag, and mabie mines dfective, but I can only get about five shots off per wind. :/ but don't let that set u off because the gun and other upgrades and assesories make it more that worth it!

Pros- Good accuracy. Not the best, but ull hit what u aim at
Good rof
Grest assesories (bi-pod handles awsome! )
Well worth the money
Realism is incredible
Two peace gearbox!
Plenty of mounts
Held up perfectly through crazy cold and snow conditions here in ohio
Versitility ( able to be an assualt rifle, and ssw)
De-jamming/tention release button

Neutral- Heavy (I love it but some don't)
Orange tip (darn us laws and regulations

Cons- Lame cheap box mag

And that's all. Thanks for reading, and thank u evike for your continued quality selection. May everyone enjoi their christmas and new years, and for those who don't celebrate christmas enjoi your holidays! :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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