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JG Newest Version AUG Civilian Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Gear box
by Ryan B. Date Added: January 8, 2010
Ok, This is a pretty decent gun. The Design is just perfect. It is the size of an M4, with the accuracy on an m16, and believe me, thats very useful and the field. This things got a nice ROF, even with the stock battery. The mag release is very easy (im used to bullpups though it might take you some practice.) This gun is pretty accurate, i recommend using .23 TSD bbs. Well its very accurate. Now here are some bad things. This rifle does not preform well in the cold weather, or i got a lemon, the internals are not the greatest. In other words this thing is going to need some upgrades, like a tightbore barrel, new piston piston head, shim and lube job, and a higher voltage battery. 9.6 p90 style battery or nunchuck should work. Mines in the shop currently to get some upgrades, im afraid to touch the augs crazy trigger system. Another thing, the iron sights are S***, dont even waste your time putting them on your gun a piece of cardboard would do a better job of iron sights, id recommend a tube scope or a dot sight, or a zoom scope
Alright, here are my pros and cons
This thing is very compact and accurate for its size
The Price Is VERY NICE
This thing can go from dmr to cqb rifle with just a switch of optics and a barrel
Very easy to get in the insides of this rifle
Charging handle is fun to mess around
ROF is pretty decent, im guessing around 15 bps?
FPS is good for field use

The Internals arent as great as they should be, upgrades will be needed
Fold down grip is nice, but a tad wobble is noticed. Not a problem unless you are OCD
Kind of loud?
Not much you can do with an aug Only things i can think of is (laser, Rails {expensive} phantom kit, Bi pod, scope.........)

I recommend this gun if you are looking for a gun to be different than everyone that will fill every scenario, and have some gearbox experience.
Thanks guys, and get some! ;)
if you have any questions just email me at

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