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Echo1 M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Stag Arms Licensed Trademarks
$175.00 $155.00
by Scott C. Date Added: June 12, 2008
this is a good gun. lets put that out there. this is a VERY good gun, with some flaws. lets put that out there.

if you are looking at merely how the bullets fly--i literally cannot recommend this gun high enough. it shoots ridiculously straight (no joke--straighter than my utg master sniper) and has good velocity as well. and the bullets go pretty fast for a gun that has had no mods added onto it.

unfortunatly, like everything, there is a downside. this gun is huge. large. giant. big. the barrel is very long (making it very accurate) although this can be troublesome in close quarters battle (CQB). as well, i am 5'9 and i still has a little difficulty lugging this thing around---but dont get over depressed. just imagine walking around with the weight of a laptop 7 years ago (this gun), to one made last year (m4/g36 lets say). so as long as you are not:
A)light assault--running like crazy over large amounts of terrain
B) CQB--it is difficult to turn corners with this gun
C) going through dense foliage (think DENSE) (like u can kinda kinda see through)--its awkward to have to bend this way and that so that the gun doesnt hit anything.

the battery. doesnt. fit. in. the. stock. u have no idea how annoying this is. takes me about 10 minutes to get in. and sometimes, if it is not placed corectly, than it does not shoot (although i think this is my individual gun....), but a nice little tap and its shooting

now as you can see the cons are MUCH longer to write than the pros. but this gun is AMAZING. the only reason i dont have a lot on the pros is because its sooooo awesome that it would take forever.

PS: if u are under 5'7 this gun maybe a bit big---but still easlily managable.

PSS: i probably over exaderated the size. its really not THAT big.

PSSS: this is the longest review i hav ever seen.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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