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Win Gun High Power 1911 Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol - Black
by Alex C. Date Added: March 16, 2009
My gun just showed up today and I must say, I'm impressed. First off, Evike had it to me in under a week. I opened my box, took out the gun in its case, and cracked that baby open. Please read all the way through, as the con section looks long, but it's only a few minor things. It's simply that if I dislike something, I explain it clearly.

The gun feels very solid. Some parts of it almost feel metal, and while I have no plans to drop it, I'm sure it could survive a few. The trigger is good quality metal, so it won't snap when you pull it back. The CO2 is very easy to switch out. The magazine is full metal and loads quickly. Also, the rail is a standard rail with no imperfections and mounts accesories nicely. The gun looks sharp overall.

The gun fires beautifully. The FPS seems to be quite high, easily piercing both sides of a can even when low on gas. The accuracy is very good, even at 75 feet. I got over 10 mags before losing velocity, so gas useage isn't a problem.

Now, some cons: Firing too fast will result in a dramatic decrease in both accuracy and velocity. Also, it is likely to lead to jams. I was eager beaver, and in my first 10 mags cause 2 jams (which I assume is due to firing too fast), even though I was using Airsoft Elite BB's and had cleaned the gun prior to firing. With no slide movement, the jams are a pain to remove. There is no hop-up, so longer range shots need to be arced. Also, and this is the biggy, the gun has a tremendously long trigger pull. It's not too heavy, but you need to pull the trigger almost INTO the gun for it to fire. You'll get used to it, but it makes quick and accurate shots a challenge. Another thing, it has a Beretta safety on a 1911...

If you've made it this far, you should buy this gun. There's a few minor issues, nothing you can't get used too. The gun performs like a beast, and is easily the best gun you can find for $40. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS GUN!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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