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HFC Full Auto M11A1 / Mac 11 Airsoft Gas Blowback Submachine Gun w/ Mock Silencer
by Kevin P. Date Added: July 17, 2013
This gun is awesome. It's slightly more accurate than my G&G Combat Machine CM16 or whatever, which Chronoed at 300 fps with .23 bbs. I think the Mac is about the same fps but tighter grouping, though the bbs start to drop at about 50 to 70 feet for me. With hop-up adjusted right though it's beast. Easily getting kills at 100ft barely lobbing occasionally 150. Insane rate of fire, I loaned it to my buddy and he tried to spray a group of kids; before he could sweep the gun across the whole group he ran out... and then got shot. Takes about 2.5 seconds to empty the mag of 40 bbs... :D My gun on the other hand did not have as many metal internals as i expected; the moving bolt was a polymer, though the trigger assembly was metal, buttstock, and springs of course. I kind of assumed the bolt would be metal but it's held up fine; I actually have two now, scored one on craigslist for a sweet price. I feel like a freakin mech warrior walking around with both stocks extended into my arms hip firing with no suppressors. The suppressors make the gun much louder, cooler looking, and intimidating. I heard they increase you range too but I haven't tested this. The giant orange circle is easy to spot, though; given my position away many times. I was told nail polish remover will do the trick to take it off with no negative affects. Takedowns are annoying to get used to but once you do it's super easy. One of my macs keeps jamming up, not cycling all the way, the part that catches the bolt keeps having friction or some sort of resistance, I'm going to try to clean it with an air compressor then degreaser or something, if it's not perfectly smooth pulling the bolt back it seems it may be prone to jamming. Other one is perfect, though.

Hits hard enough
Easy take down/maintenance
Reliable when clean
Price/totally worth it
Good rof
Semi works perfect

Price of mags
You will want many more mags

Buy this... But remember you will be fiending for more mags if you wish to run this as a primary, so set aside another 100 for that (mp5 pouches work great for these mags)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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