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Win Gun High Power M9 Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol - Black
by John S. Date Added: April 6, 2011
great for the price; if u only want to spend $40, go for it! great for the occasional aluminum can target practice and backyard skirmishes

-feels heavy and sturdy (which it is)
-loud (might be a con to some ppl)
-ULTRA MEGA EXTREMELY--and quite unreasonably and unnecessarily!-- POWERFUL (450+ FPS)
***has made me bleed, i have a white scar on my man-boob NO JOKE!***

2 important CONS:

-VERY INACCURATE-- my friend has this gun too and he has the same problem-- the BB curves in all random directions about 3 ft out of the barrel (effective range: 40 feet max)

-TOO STRONG--the little kids go home crying (that is, if i managed to hit them cuz it is inaccurate)
__This amt. of power is nice for vaporizing soda cans and cereal boxes, but not so nice for playing with the neighbors due to the blood (including my own)


Ideal for :
a) those who want an insanely powerful yet affordable sidearm, and r playing with people willing to GET HURT then it is perfect
b) or for those who like utterly mutilating tin cans and paper targets (ME!!)

I hope u enjoy, and keep airsofting my fellow awesome people!

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
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