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z KWC / Cybergun Licensed Desert Eagle Airsoft Gas Blowback (New Version)
by Adam M. Date Added: November 30, 2008
I personally own this handgun, and to tell you the truth, this thing blows my F***in mind. I love it, it's my pride and joy. I had my first bit of trouble when my friend decided to point down and shoot it, with the type of propellant(Duster, NEVER use it no matter what ANY ONE says. USE GREEN GAS!!!!!) I was using, it really damaged the O-ring, so here is how I fixed it-
I first took the slide off, and taking the blowback mechanism out, I took that apart and pulled out the actual blowback piece, and took off the O-ring. Now when it comes to O-rings, you can find them in any hardware store, so don't fret, and they are extremely cheap, I got my replacement O-ring for about 23 cents. Anyway, I replaced the O-ring, and bought some spray silicone lube for it while I was there, it works really well. after you spray it down with the lube, make sure to let it sit for a little bit, probably about 15 minutes. Then toss it back together, now there was a bit of trouble I have putting the slide back on, until I figured out what the dillio was. You have to pull the trigger as you put the slide back on, after the slide if half-way on, you can let go of the trigger, but you have to push another piece down as well. It's right behind the slide as you put it back on, all you have to do is simply push it down, and the slide will go back on smooth as silk. Just as a performance enhancer I would suggest spray all the moving parts, and the inside of the barrel with the lube.
Heavy weight, VERY REALISTIC
High FPS and accuracy after to doink with the hop-up(I tightened it a little now it shoots straight as an arrow.
As the other gentlemen below me have stated, VERY VERY intimidating.

A little pricey, but for good reason.
Inside parts are a little touchy, so you have to be careful with what you do.
When in a holster, make sure you keep it nice and tight in, or else it will hit the clip release button and you'll lose you're clip, and have to scour a freakin' forest trying to find it(Grrr...I found it though...)

Over all, I would HIGHLY recommend this handgun. It's just freakin' awesome all around.
If any of you have any questions about it, or problems, feel free to email me, and I'll try and help you(I don't think even the makers know this gun as intimately as I do.) Anyway,My email is

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