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HFC Full Metal / Fully Automatic Select Fire Airsoft M9 Special Force Gas Blowback w/ Extended Suppressor
by James R. Date Added: January 23, 2014
Let me just start by saying that the gun is awesome and overall a beauty.


-Great feel to it overall.
-Full metal on all the places it should be metal.
-The full auto is flipping awesome and always a fun feature to have at your disposal on the battlefield. (I wouldn't use full auto unless you're carrying multiple mags because it burns through them like crazy.)
-FPS is steady and perfect for most fields' rules.
-Looks awesome and sounds even better. The slide return has a great metal click to it and I love it.
-This is not very common for some models. But the manual has very well written translation to English which can be very rare as most companies have very broken English translations such as all of the JG guns I have bought. Most higher end brands you don't have this issue of course.

Now let's get back to reality and cover some errors.


-Not sure if it's Evike's fault but I'm assuming it is. Mine did NOT come with the correct replacement inner barrel for the extension on the gun. The grooves on it are too small while the gun required a wider groove on the inner barrel. Not that big of a deal as long as you're not planning on using the extension and maybe they will get it right on your package. Other than that the package included everything you'll need.
-When the slide returns from being fired it will sometimes scratch against the rubber gasket of the magazine and eventually can/will ware it out. Just make sure you keep your sidearm oiled well and it shouldn't be a problem at all.
-Lastly, I bought a spare magazine for the gun and saying that it fits snugly into the gun is an understatement. You have to really pull it out of the gun for it to come out. Please note that the magazine the gun comes with is very fitting for the gun and slides right out with no problem, overall great system.


I would say if you're new to airsoft and are just looking for a pistol to get you started this is NOT the gun for you. If something breaks or wares out(which it more than likely will, you need to have the know how to fix it up so you don't have to wait for 2 weeks+ to get it fixed by a major retailer. Not to mention it is a somewhat expensive sidearm and if you're new I HIGHLY recommend starting with something a little cheaper and something will easier maintenance.

If you however, are an experienced player and maintain your guns and equipment well and know what you're doing and take care of your stuff. Go for it, this pistol is a lot of fun and looks great.

Lastly I want to add in here...

This gun DOES come with a replacement outer barrel that has no orange tip and the barrel extension does NOT have an orange tip. I cannot urge you enough no matter how cool it looks to keep the orange tip on as if caught you will be more than likely fined/written a ticket or worst case be thrown in jail(depending on your local laws). I put the black steel tip on and it was scarily close to looking real and if a cop/parent saw you walking around with it they would more than likely immediately pull their firearm and point it right at you(it's not as exciting as it sounds, trust me), and it can honestly be scary. So just keep in mind to always be protected and play safe, as we don't want any one person ruining all of the fun for all of us! Happy airsofting, my friends!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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