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z ARES New Version Full Metal L86A2 LSW Airsoft AEG Rifle (Metal Gear Box)
by Connor F. Date Added: December 20, 2009
I’m up and down about this review…
When I received this in the mail I was mad excited and I had a 9 volt battery ready to go. I plugged it in, and let it fire. Low and behold the bb’s flew….nowhere. They lobbed at a short distance. On top of that, just holding down the trigger for a lil bit made the motor smell like it was under stress. It was new and I understood that some hop ups take a while to break in…but after 3 weeks of emptying mags there was no improvement. I sent it away to Evike to be repaired (which apparently takes over a month to repair) and when I called to check up on the status; They told me they couldn’t find anything wrong with the gun is being sent back. I was frustrated because it indeed was not working when I shipped it to them. Anyways, when I got it back the hop up was fine. So I don’t know if they actually did fix it or the hop up suddenly broke itself in. BUT the motor still gives a bad odor when using full auto. So idk if the motor still needs to be broke in or a stronger motor is needed. Which sucks. Well, here is my detailed review:
The performance and feel of this gun (minus the motor ‘issue’ ) is absolutely amazing. The long inner barrel send bb’s flying as far as sniper rifles can reach. They all have a very small grouping so accuracy is great. One of the best guns I’ve ever seen by far. Here is my experience with the gun:

-The gun is all metal (except the battery compartment and the handle)
-The front is all steel. Bipod as well
-Sturdy, solid, and nothing rattles
-Very comfortable; prone or not
-Uses M4-M16 mags
-One of the most impressive and awesome performing gun
-Range is mad far
-Shooting at a high firing rate

-Uses M4-M16 mags but does not support mag accessories like mag clamps or box mags as other built in ‘features’ get in the way
-Bipod does not lock in the front well at all and falls loose
-Has 19mm top rail so a conversion rail needs to be bought in order to put scopes and such on
-Though the weight is evenly dispersed, its mad heavy and will be tiresome within 20-30min or so. Not recommended for the little ones.
-There’s an awesome ’key’ located inside the handle. This key will be all you need to remove or add features and even disassemble/assemble the gun BUT the compartment bottom falls off and the key falls out VERY EASILY. Look into fastening the bottom and keeping the key separate.
-There’s only one short top rail
-Flash hider is glued on so, unless you want to deal with a heat gun or boiling water (not recommended as its steel and can rust) then what you have is what your sticking with…no silencers or anything
-Battery compartment is not flush with the rest of the design but you can only tell if take a real close look at it. Not really a con at all but…just fyi.

All in all (hopefully the issues were not a manufacturer’s defect but just needed time to break in) the gun is absolutely amazing and will tear the field up. Well worth it.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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