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by Jesper K. Date Added: Friday 06 March, 2009
Hello guys and girls, im a dude sitting in denmark with this wonderful gun tho I didnt buy it from here:P

I cant really say anything bad about it.. its because I love it so much:P


accu.. pwns ass
Battery butt stock.. damn is it big?! it can hold a giant 8cell 9.6v battery
Atm I have a full tun set 130spring and a magnum motor in it.. its loud yum yum theres no big "spring sound" or eltric sound like "wheew wheew wheew" when you press the trigger .. anyway
theres no woble or play to it all everything is tight*lols* and nicely putt together.
The parts thats plastic are, Pistol grib, stock, foregrib those are also ABS on the real version of the gun
the stock have a nice made allu or iron*shrug* pipe going through it from the body which makes it more tough so dont be afraid to sit on it or run into a wall:P(dont do it on purpos tho:P) foregrib is nice and tight tho some says it gets loose with the time but you can tighten it.. :P i
it also have a really nice trigger pull, you dont have to pull it to much and its not like it shots as soon you put your finger on it(unlike with the ptw) theres a strong metal body in it which can hold up to m150spring which is quiet nice if you're thinking of doing some long range shots
and the charging handle are not wobbly ^^
the gun is nice and heavy, the weight is balanced and most of the weight are in the back when you get a battery in it which in my case is a big one(kinda squeezing it in) I know what you're thinking.. dirty minds..


Mhmm.. the thingie that holds the sling in the front.. its alittle loud when you're running :P but usually
when you're running its not because youre sneaking up on someone ^^,
its sligthly big.. but who cares:D
If you're thinking of buying it "mhmm should I??" do it.. its worth it and if youre going to put alittle more money in it you'll never regret it
if youre more of a cqb person you probably should go for a carbine of this, or perhaps buy another forgrib and barrel to make it into a carbine version so you always got the chance to changing it back if you're going to play outside and you need some accy and some long shooting distance..

hope it helped lads n ladies:D

*Krrhhhghgg* Out!

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