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Dboy Full Size Airsoft Electric M3181 M4 Grenadier w/ M203 Low Power Airsoft AEG
by Chris M. Date Added: Saturday 30 August, 2008
Boyi M4

This gun is gun is great for the new guy. It comes with a lot of accessories. This was the first AEG I ever bought. It is worth the money. First I am going to review the gun. Next I will review the accessories.

The gun is of good weight. It has very few metal parts. Those parts are the forward sling mount, the inner barrel, the two magazines, and most of the carrying handle. The gear box is plastic. This means you can't upgrade the gun. The accuracy is very good, I can with a mid. sized tree from about fifty feet away with this gun. The back sights are adjustible for sniping and close range shooting. They can also move from side to side and up and down a bit. There is hop up. There are a lot of rumors about this gun that if you pull on the trigger while the safety is on you will break the trigger. I have done this many times and the trigger has not yet been broken. The fps is pretty good.

This gun comes with a lot of (crappy) accessories. The full list is two stocks, two magazines (one high capacity, 300rds., and low capacity, about 50 rounds, an M203 spring grenade launcher, a laser box, for the battery, an RIS hand guard, a regular hand guard, several RIS hanguard things that you attach to your RIS hand guard, a speed loader, and I am pretty sure that is it. I can't remember all of them. I ended throwing out half of them.

The two stocks are pretty good. They are comfortable. The high capacity magazine broke in the first week. The low capacity magazine is the only one I use today. I am not sure, but I assume you can you most any M16/M4 magazines with this gun. The M203 grenade launcher is the biggest piece of crap ever. I can make a better airsoft grenade launcher with a straw and bb's, like a spit ball. The fps is about fifty. It doesn't hurt to get shot with it anywhere, well almost anywhere. The range is seriously five feet. The magazine for the grenade launcher is about fourteen. I threw this out. The laser box is pretty good. I don't use it anymore. The RIS hand guards I never use anymore either, as well as the other accessories that go on the RIS.
I only use the regular hand guard system. The speed loader is like any other speed loader you get with any AEG.

All in all, this is an okay gun. Like I said,"It is good for the new guy".

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
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