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Angel Custom Ultimate Upgrade High Performance AEG Cylinder Set - M4A1

9 Customer Reviews

by Kegan N. on 03/28/2018
"Insanely good air seal with this setup, the piston head is properly sized for the cylinder. Love the porting and the red accent is awesome to see. Great product overall and I would definitely recommend it.
by Dominic F. on 08/22/2016
"Fabulous cylinder, to put it simply. Looks beastly in my M4 DMR build and even better in contrast with the blue hop up unit. The bearing works great and so does the piston. Just be sure to tighten the screw with some Locktite.
by blase b. on 05/18/2015
"this is amazing!!! works like a charm.
by jeffrey v. on 02/10/2014
"this cylinder set is awesome. i put it on my ics cxp 16 sport line and my fps whent from 358 to 410 with an m 100 spring and a MAPLE LEAF BUCKING. i didn't use the nozzle because it doesn't fit in my ics hop up up unit but I tested the compression any way, I wasn't impressed probably because the o ring isn't thick enough to get 100% seal.
by john l. on 01/17/2014
"This is by far the best kit in the market, the cylinder head and piston head gave perfect compression, no air leaking at all. However the nozzle that came with the kit seems to be a bore up nozzle (high-flow) might be shorter than standard m4 nozzles.
by Patar W. on 01/16/2014
"This is by far the best 40$ i have ever spent on an airsoft product. Im a technician and i have worked on a lot of guns and seen a lot of aftermarket parts, and this kit is exceptional. When installed in my custom M4A1 i was shooting 375 FPS with .28g BB's, which translates into around 450 FPS with .2's.

However, in fairness, when i recieved the product one of the orings for the interchangable air nozzles had broke or was cut, i didnt really mind this because i took out the "high flow" valve when i recieved it. I also recommend applying plumbers tape to the cylinder head to create an even better seal. Now, you must use high viscosity Silicone oil to properly lube this, you may be able to get away with any silicone lube, but high viscosity lube makes the difference on the orings.

The cylinder head DOES NOT HAVE SORBOTHANE so i do recommend purchasing some sorbo pads so you can adjust your AOE (Angle of engagement).

Now, as for how quite this is, well, its a ninja.

Now i self shim my gears (i use Bravo standard ratio gears) so that helps make it quite, the gun is super quite with the POM piston head it comes with. I was amazed at how quite it was.

This product is worth it 100%! I would also recommend grabbing a new polycarb piston with full rack of steel teeth (or a full aluminium piston if you are going to pull an m130+)

I recieved one bad oring
Personally, i did not prefer the air nozzle that came with it, i used my old one which was a G&P air nozzle (Newest generation of them)
The cylinder exterior is hard to clean because of the grooves, but does not effect performance.
Does not come with Sorbothane pads

Massive FPS gain
Amazing seal when lubed correctly
beautiful looking!
super quite
by Matthew H. on 03/01/2017
"Mine had shotty compression, I had to Teflon tape the cylinder head(had a small fractured piece of plastic) and not good compression, then found that the piston ring was too small, (I lubed it), so I then put some Teflon tape under the piston ring. But after that it had fantastic compression and works well. Make sure you tighten the piston head with locktite because it will strip out easily. But good product if you're teching your own gun you will most likely need to do some sort of DIY mods and after it will work well. 4 stars because mine wasn't perfect right out of the box but it's a good product.
by Jamespaul L. on 05/21/2016
"The kit itself is really nice. Its fitting is perfect, in respect to my G&G gr16. The only issue I'm having is the Piston heads O-ring is to small. The ring bleads air through because of this and it will constantly loose and gain pressure repeatedly. So in short my shots very from 360fps to 435fps, but that is the only issue I just have go get a new o-ring or see if somehow I can get this one to stretch out some.
Great product, still would recommend if you do not know what pieces you'll need to tune your cylinder.
by Kris C. on 05/23/2017
"Great kit, although I bought two and neither of them came with the mushroom piston head as shown. Also, one of the piston heads cracked and broke after a few shots on a stock spring. The cylinder is a nice upgrade though despite the cheap piston heads that actually come with this kit..

The Angel Custom "Seraph Angel" High Performance Polycarbonate Piston Head is the piston head that actually comes with this kit