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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) Class I Custom Full Metal "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" Special Forces Airsoft AEG Rifle

3 Customer Reviews

by Arash A. on 07/01/2014
"The Sexiest gun ever!

I just got it Had a little bit trouble finding where the battery goes.
Over all this gun is awesome!

High ROF
Good FPS for games
Good for late beginners to late intermediate air softers
Many other magazines fit in the gun


Overall an awesome gun! Recommended for all air softens!
by Chris N. on 05/03/2014
"Awesome gun. This gun looks absolutely intimidating. I've gotten many complements on the gun after adding on a suppressor "that m4 looks sick!" "Thing must be beast" etc. It performs very very very well. I was impressed by the motor and gearbox. Inner barrel COULD be a bit longer, the length is just too short, but that's easy to upgrade. Unfortunately, the hand guard color is starting to fade into a greenish color, but that's barely noticeable. I've recently put in a polar star fusion engine and I can't wait to take this baby out on the field. Overall, this gun is amazing, from design to performance, it's a must buy.
by Thomas G. on 11/11/2013
"Ok - some observations, pros and cons on my De Oppresso Liber...

a) Based on a King Arms M4
b) LiPo ready however the EVIKE sales clerk advised I stick with a 7.2 LiPo as is stock
c) Beautiful, solid build quality which is clearly superior to the basic M4s I own
d) This is most certainly a heavy yet compact gun
e) Nice flip up iron sights - fully adjustable on the rear.
f) Measured FPS using a garden variety NiMH battery was 382-391 FPS!
g) Amazing hard hitting accuracy. We picked off dime sized targets at 30' on our 1st shot!
h) If we had paid regular price we would be totally satisfied. We got oues in a BOA.
i) The modular structure over the barrel is ROCK STEADY and an intimidating yet ever so practical design.
j) Compared to similar priced rifles I think this is a superior value.

a) The vertical hand grip included was wobbly. It needs a "shim" to be wedged in for stability or you need to replace it entirely with another grip.
b) I was not impressed that the dummy dust cover stays open and cannot be locked closed.
c) I want to use it on indoor fields and at outdoor fields which disallow 350+ FPS. SO I have to get it reworked to cut the speed using a Lipo power array.
d) It is quite heavy
e) The front of the barrel is a large 1"+ diameter screw down cone with a dull orange finish. I think this is something you consider WY COOL/Intimidating or you might dislike it. I sort of like it less for its' size - and as such I am grateful the orange is quite dull in intensity.

Neutral Observations:
a) I plan on installing a MOSFET wiring set to make this more durable and squeeze more performance out of it.
b) I need to get a tech to work on the velocity in reducing it under 350 FPS.
c) My kids are seriously impressed with it. After shooting it for the first time one of kids fired her first few bursts and turned to me with a silly HAPPY grin on her face!
d) I am wondering how user friendly this rifle is to the user or myself disassembling it to service it / or change the spring or whatever needs changing to adjust the velocity?

So as previously mentioned I was awarded the De Opressor Liber in a BOA. Aside from that - I've only shot a few hundred rounds of bio degradable 0.20 rounds in our yard. It has NOT been in any battles yet - but we have high expectations from it given our limited experience with it in our back yard. Compared to my other M4s it is much more solid. The magazines seat positively and perfectly. My other M4s are less precise or maybe they're just beginning to show some relaxed tolerances given how well used they are.

I might add with emphasis how STRAIGHT and HARD HITTING this gun was out of the box.... with an AVERAGE battery. I have not even tried a Lipo yet and we are all so impressed with it. As I mentioned - we shot dime sized targets at about 30' ... hitting them on the FIRST shot about 1/3 the time. These shots were very consistent. You can just tell by the operating sound, the way the shots track how different this gun is compared to my entry level M4s... and in general how superior it i to mot of myother long airsoft guns. I have one AK74 that is probably a close 2nd to it as this rifle is now my #1 favorite airsoft weapon! If you can get into the store - depending upon what you're specifically looking for - you may want to seriously consider this particular model. It is indeed a SERIOUSLY impressive airsoft weapon!