Reviews: WE-Tech Full Metal P-VIRUS Limited Edition Airsoft GBB Pistol w/ LED Display Case

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Model: GP-WE-PVirus
Location: L3-005

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by Brandon B. on 2014-02-11 09:16:58
"I received my P-Virus, and when I unpacked the box, I had noticed that the gun case that P-Virus was in was broken. So when I open the case, about 1/4 of the glass comes out. Then I have to hold the cae upside dowon for the rest of the case to slide out. Im disapointed in the case, but I give 5 stars for the SIG P226 aka P-Virus.
by hunter s. on 2014-01-27 16:09:28
"this pistol is great
every one thinks it looks great (because it does)
it shoots hard and fast
its kinda accurate if you shoot rapidly but a tight bore should fix that
a spare mag i got with it came leaky and the one that came with it needed some oil in the mag
by Josh S. on 2013-12-23 16:04:49
"This gun, (P226 Sig. Replica) is a great gun. The blowback is very nice, it has a little kick to it. It was difficult to find how long I need to fill the mag with propane, but for me it was about 8-12 seconds. The slide is full metal, very smooth, and the lower is very strong polymer. The gun (like on the real P226) has NO safety but does have a "hammer release lever" so you dont have to shoot to clear the chamber. When there is no propane in the mag, it is hard to pull the trigger back (which I like). The gun comes stock with upgraded iron sights, ghost ring, and an extended mag. The only things I have noticed so far that could be a problem is that 1, if you buy MoonDog O-rings for the mags, they are very hard to get in the mag and that there is a piece of metal that on the real gun that covers where the bullets get ejected, it gets scuffed VERY easily and is a different tone than the slide. Other than that very good gun.
Has great FPS (no chrono but it is good) and great ROF.

Great look and feel
Good "kick back"
Good FPS and ROF
Nice extended mag

The metal thing I said
The mag's gas fill

Other than that, it is well worth the price for a WE P226.
by michael w. on 2013-11-09 08:46:36
"This is a nice Sig replica with a lot of features that would be welcoming to its centerfire counterpart, such as the peep sight with the white circle and dot for fast sight acquisition, the nice finish on the metal slide that matches very well with the other release levers, a very ergonomic grip angle with the pronounced, extended beavertail that would be wonderful for full recoil control. Also worth notice are the very well made rail that fits nicely with accessories such as my newly acquired TLR-1 HL 600 lumens weapon light, the aggressive looking brake for CQB action, very clean looking custom hammer and trigger with a very smooth DA action and a long but butter smooth SA that breaks around 3.5 lb or so. The accents on the controls gives it an 'industrial' look to it but very stylish at the same time. The firing / cycling action is smooth and accuracy is acceptable for scenario training and general CQB gaming.
I don't have a lot of experiences with airsoft in general but this this addition makes me wish that my 'real' Sig 226 has some of these nice touches as the WE P-Virus edition.
Overall, a very well made product with some nice details and fine workmanship. I will have a lot of fun with it, especially with the way ammo costs these days for its powder burning counterpart.
Highly recommended!

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)