Reviews: APS M50 Shell Ejecting Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle (395~440 FPS)

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Model: SR-APSM50-450
Location: A5-128

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by Karen H. on 2014-07-10 13:59:59
"Well the gun is fun and great all around and it comes with a mag/shell catch so you don't need to buy one. It's nice just with the one downer, the new models like mine have no adjustable hop up. Also the mag is a tad bit stiff, but after a day and a half it's doing better. Also be sure to put a generous amount of lubricant on and inside the bolt mechanism.

In all its good and fun

Easily adjustable fps (ability to purchase different shells)
Tight bore inner barrel
Full metal exceptions of polycarb furniture

Wastes some CO2 when loading shells
by Andrew F. on 2014-04-30 06:08:15
"I have only had this rifle for 1 day and have had little experience with other airsoft sniper rifles but it seems like an all around good gun. However the scope I purchased was not long enough for the distance between the two parts of the weaver where you can attach the scope rings so i could only use one ring. I also had a small amount of trouble loading the shells with c02 (but its not that complicated) and when loading the shells you lose a small amount of c02.

Shell Ejecting
FPS Based on bullets (so its easy to change from long range to CQC)
Includes Shell catch-bag-thing
Detachable stock
Harris Style Bipod Mount

Short (could be pro but i like em big)
Wasted c02
No hopup adjustment

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)