Reviews: APS M50 Shell Ejecting Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle (395~450 FPS)

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Model: SR-APSM50-450

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by Jon C. on 2015-02-11 06:50:52
"This is THE gun for a true sniper. If you buy this rifle I strongly suggest buying the shell catcher for it because you will probably lose shells if you drop them in the woods. I also reccomend the 800 shells as long as you play casual and don't have strict FPS rules.

For the TLDR crowd, this is an excellent gun for those who are willing to discipline themselves to properly judge their shots. This is not a gun for people who just want to sling BBs downrange, but a person who loves the sniper role will quickly fall in love with this gun.

I have to mention this early, the sheer level of satisfaction I get when I nail somebody, (considering I only have 6 shots) is unmatched by any other gun I have used. You really have to experience getting kills with this gun to understand what I am saying. You won't be topping the score charts but your kills will be very memorable. If you prefer to play as a true sniper, this gun can easily help you turn the tides in a firefight by taking out a key player that left himself just a little too exposed or thought he was still out of your range.

I owned a spring L96 before this and found that I wasted way too many shots since 20-30 BBs would fit in its magazine, I could just keep shooting hoping that one would connect, I did not enjoy playing this way at all.

This rifle really taught me to watch my shots. With 6 rounds you really learn to determine which shots you can make and which you can't. This in turn bumps your effectiveness as a sniper up quite a bit. I have nailed people with this gun before they even knew I was there.

With the 800 shells and a good scope you can really dial in the accuracy at range. I can usually hit what I aim at the first time as long as I don't misjudge my effective range.

For some reason this gun inspires terror in everyone I have played with lol. Even though I only get 6 shots to a mag they go out of their way to avoid getting shot by me, when people hear this gun go off they hit the dirt rather than risk being hit by it lol.

On the different shells:

I have used both the 450 shells and the 800 shells and both have their merits.

450: The gun is near silent with these shells. If you are not the one shooting the gun you will probably not hear it go off. I shot at a guy that was 20-30 feet away from me once and missed the first shot (mainly because I had a messed up scope at the time), the only reason he knew he had been shot at was the bb just missed his ear. As a result he thought I was firing from a completely different direction and I nailed him on the second shot. These are short range shells though so don't expect to get kills from extereme range.

800: These are by far my favorite shells. They have a fairly audible pop so your first shot really has to count, fortunately it usually does for me. I use .30 bbs with these shells and they still get far more range than most other airsoft guns I have seen. If your opponents bbs are falling 10-15 feet short, they should be well within your range. These shells do pack a significant punch, but I wouldnt say they are dangerous to use. they leave a nasty welt, and may draw blood if they hit just right on exposed skin, but honestly I have recieved worse welts from regular guns. However, I would not recommend shooting someone who is closer than 25 feet or so, (at least not exposed skin, if they are wearing proper clothing and safety gear fire away). The extra zip these shells give the BBs really helps the accuracy as they are effected less by the wind and other factors. They fly pretty straight until they use up their momentum.

Power (with the 800s)

Intimidation factor

Major pro is that the functional part of the gun is actually the shell, and the shells are significantly cheaper than a new gun is. This is the main reason I bought this gun when my spring sniper messed up for the second time.

The charging wand is easy to use once you get used to it and the 12 gram CO2 cartridges are fairly cheap and a box of 15 will last you several games.

6 shots to a mag, (not a con in my opinion as a sniper only has limited shots, buy more shells to compensate)

Short rail may require you to adjust the spacing on your scope rings, (I had to do this but it is easy if you have an allen wrench, just make sure to line the scope back up before tightening things back down.

Filling the shells does take some time but once you get used to it you can get it done fairly quickly, (I like the intimidation factor when people are watching you charge the individual shells lol)

With this gun, an effective sidearm is practically a necessity because if your position is compromised you will be in trouble, I use an M9 that has semi and full auto modes to make up for this. Also, a good team mate that is willing to give you cover and support really helps you shine in the sniper role.
by Karen H. on 2014-07-10 13:59:59
"Well the gun is fun and great all around and it comes with a mag/shell catch so you don't need to buy one. It's nice just with the one downer, the new models like mine have no adjustable hop up. Also the mag is a tad bit stiff, but after a day and a half it's doing better. Also be sure to put a generous amount of lubricant on and inside the bolt mechanism.

In all its good and fun

Easily adjustable fps (ability to purchase different shells)
Tight bore inner barrel
Full metal exceptions of polycarb furniture

Wastes some CO2 when loading shells
by Andrew F. on 2014-04-30 06:08:15
"I have only had this rifle for 1 day and have had little experience with other airsoft sniper rifles but it seems like an all around good gun. However the scope I purchased was not long enough for the distance between the two parts of the weaver where you can attach the scope rings so i could only use one ring. I also had a small amount of trouble loading the shells with c02 (but its not that complicated) and when loading the shells you lose a small amount of c02.

Shell Ejecting
FPS Based on bullets (so its easy to change from long range to CQC)
Includes Shell catch-bag-thing
Detachable stock
Harris Style Bipod Mount

Short (could be pro but i like em big)
Wasted c02
No hopup adjustment

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