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5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Hardshell Holster by Blade Tech (Model: SIG P226R / Right Hand)

6 Customer Reviews

by Jacob W. on 03/08/2018
"Have you ever had a pistol that you love in a holster that you feel like you could trust to only be running to the front line then move into CQB and reach for your sidearm that it is no longer there? So you now have to backtrack your hole game day just to find you $200+ SAI SnW M&P 9. Not with this baby, the click is so so smexy you just know that it is going to stay in all day and will all ways pick up when you call it just like that girlfriend that you wish you had. Also, the feel of it is solid no need to queue up Under Pressure by Queen this holster will hold up like that old Honda that you wish would just combust so you can get the insurance to get a new car. For real this is amazing the 5.11 TACTICAL THUMBDRIVE HARDSHELL HOLSTER BY BLADE TECH is one of the best holsters you can buy.
1: Trust as in you know you will never get a Dear John letter from this girl.
2: The hold like the girlfriend that will keep you warm but knows when to let go.
3: Accessories enough to make that riced out honda jelly
this could just be nitpicky but it is all I have.
1: the lack of colors only comes in Black. nothing wrong with that just would like some tan or OD green.
Hope this helps Love you all and thanks Evike!
by Wilbert R. on 10/30/2013
"Hey guys I just got my Hardshell Holster by Blade Tech for Beretta 9 / Right. I have to say that the design is great the holster fells great and you can tell the quality is top notch. I've spend the last few week looking for a hardshell holster that would hold my WE Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Limited Edition Airsoft Gas Blowback - Black. I had been searching for hardshell holster over the internet that could hold this gone and none would work it would sit incorrectly on them or just not fit at all. This holster takes it in and holds it real tight and gives great protection, the thumbdrive to remove the gun feel natural, I will say if you have a blackhawk style holster or a replica of it takes a minute to adjust I can tell you several time I went to press the button in the front to remove the gun like i do my Timberwolf.

The one negative I have to say is I had installed and kingarms rail system on my samurai edge and I had to remove it, but the peace of mind I get from this holster keeping it in place is worth it.

If you need a holster for M9 series this is by far one of the best and I recommend it. 5 out 5 stars even tho I had to take off the rail the piece of mind you get is worth it.
by Bao V. on 05/04/2017
"Wonderful holster. Just got it in and it works wonderfully with my airsoft pistol and real firearm. Holds the pistols in well, but there is a slight bit of play with my airsoft M&P. Comes with belt blade and leg holster attachments. Well worth the money if you prefer NOT to lose your pistol during games. A bit much for the range though, but that was not what I originally bought it for. Excellent design and material. Will definitely be looking into one for my other pistols.
by Skyler B. on 04/19/2016
"Does not fit any APS ACP, but fits 1:1 spec Glock style pistols and real steel fine.
The bottom of the ACP slide and top of the frame are too wide to fit this holster.
Otherwise, it's a fine open carry holster that fits with a belt attachment included or the pre-installed paddle mount.
by Drew S. on 07/23/2014
"WARNING Does not fit KWA ATP(glock 17) still an awesome holster for my real glock but gunna have to grind the inside down to make my KWA fit
by Jacob K. on 08/10/2017
"This holster will not fit a SIG P226. It will slide in smooth, but will not lock like advertised. In the real steel world, people are finding this issue to come from the square trigger guards on the pistols. This issue does translate over to airsoft. I purchased a KJW/CyberGun SIG 226 (Fully Licensed) and it also has this issue. The tigger guard will not lock in with the tab. 5.11 has known about this issue for at least a year and people have been calling about it. So if you are buying this for a P226, I would avoid it until a new model is released. If you do have any other SIG pistol, go for it.