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KAOS Concealment Belt / MOLLE Kydex Holster (Model: KWA P226 / Black / Right Hand)

14 Customer Reviews

by Will S. on 04/18/2017
"got this in for an AW Custom Hi-Capa HX2302. The pistol basically did not fit without being forced into the holster, and then it was very tough to pull out of the holster. quick fix. i simply forced the pistol in without allowing the slide to move rearward, and got out the heat gun. I slowly heated up the kydex making sure to to get it too hot. I left the pistol in and allowed the kydex to cool down, and now its perfect! the pistol slides in and out smoothly when pushing straight down, and pulling straight up. the holster holds the pistol tightly while running, and moving.

this holster is well made. after looking at pictures, i saw some WITH space for a threaded barrel, and some WITHOUT space for a threaded barrel. Mine came WITH the space. it also came with 1.75" belt loops, and malice straps.

it fits well to my hip, feels comfortable while wearing it. great holster, very pleased with my purchase
by Cesar R. on 01/13/2017
"This is outstanding! Fastest draw available in my honest opinion. I used a little silicone then wiped it down... amazing! Secure and quick.

Pros: everything
Cons: can be a little tight at first. A little cleaning and lube will go a long way.
by Donald A. on 01/16/2016
"Fantastic holster. Great tension. Im a pretty active player and i never have to worry about losing my sidearm. Also, when i put the gun into the holster, it DOES NOT push on the slide or put the gun out of battery. This can be a major issue for a lot of holsters. This is the 2nd Kaos holster i have purchased (i also have one for my airsoft surgeon TM block 17 - 2 years ago, still fxns great) and will continue to put faith in this company. Great buy, very happy.
by Joshua W. on 01/01/2016
"I was hesitant to purchase but i sure am glad i did. It was worth every dollar. You want easy/quick draw with secure retention. I did have to sliorcefully loosen the holster up by prying a little with the KWA M9 up, down and side to side a little to reduce the tension of the holster to my liking. Stop thinking about it. I have bought two. One for my indoor battle belt and one for my outdoor battle belt. Buy It!!!
by Demetrius J. on 07/22/2015
"Bought this holster after getting fed up with the soft style US GI M9 holster for two reasons: 1. The weight of the pistol would cause it to hang if it was attached to a belt or any other molle, and never stand completely upright and 2. drawing/replacing it in the soft holster was really hard. Especially when you're in game and can't drop your head and hands to guide it back into the holster.

This holster rectified both of those issues. The molding is perfect for the gun, and came with both a belt and molle attachment. It holds the pistol in position perfectly no matter how my body is orientated. It also holds it firmly, you have to deliberately remove it to get it out and it's very easy, with some practice, to draw it and insert it in the holster just by feel. It's slim profile, and great feel makes me think it'll last a long time. The only con, and it's at the cost of all the great things that come along with this pistol holster, is dirt can easily get in the working parts of the pistol if you're crawling, or playing in a dirty environment. Overall Well worth the money, if you want to be as effective as you can with a pistol as part of your kit.

-Perfect mold for gun
-Great round mold for body
-Holds the pistol securely
-Doesn't move side to side, stays upright
-Easy to draw pistol/re-insert
-Slim profile

-Open top allows dirt and debris to get on the gun
by trevor y. on 03/14/2015
"First off, I bought the Elite Force 1911 A1 Red Jacket Firearms edition full metal pistol.
I bought the right sided black holster. I am also using a Propper 1.5" belt, setting on a pair of the Tru-Spec 24/7 tactical pants, and this holster is PERFECT.
I have nothing bad to say about it at this point. My pistol clicks right in where I place it and if you throw a lanyard onto your pistol there are no worries about losing your favorite pistol.

5/5 Stars.
by Eric A. on 01/15/2015
"This is a great holster if you have a KWA M93R. I mentioned that gun specifically because that is what I use my holster for, I could not tell you how it does with other M93Rs as dimensions may vary probably more so with the Marui AEP. Got a little side tracked, ok, great as it may be you must be know that the first couple times you holster your gun in a brand new one of these, it will hold that gun in tighter than the sword in the stone, I'm talking two man job to yank this puppy off, not even exaggerating that's exactly how it went down for me. What I personally recommend if you buy this is to set a couple minutes aside with a good friend and repeatedly holster and remover the gun many times to break it in. Now the good part, once it's broken in it is the most low profile, best looking, and max retention holster I've ever used. I do alot of CQB, so alot of running and I never even think twice to consider if my gun is going to fall out because I know that thing ain't coming out unless I want it to.

Pros: Retention is AMAZING
Super low pro
Looks awesome
Worry free design (takes a lickin and keeps on tickin)

Cons: Breaking it in can be a pain but should not deter you from buying.

Finally: If you have an M93R and you don't have this holster, you're doing it wrong! jk.....not really
by Alka S. on 05/26/2014
"Good pistol holster. Keeps the pistol in with out in falling and is really easy to get the pistol out.
by Charles S. on 04/15/2014
"great holster would totally buy it for the other pistols I own
by Manuel B. on 02/05/2014
"Got one of these from my brother. Great fitment for my WE m9 and KWA m9. I just added a little lube and draw was great. Would recommend to anyone who wants a pancake style holster.
by Donovan V. on 02/07/2014
"Got this holster about a week ago and it works great with my Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 5.1

Pros: perfect fit for TM

Cons: needs more mounting options beside belt loops, malice straps would be nice
by Vaughn H. on 07/28/2016
"Fit's like a glove, unfortunately, didn't retain either of T.M Hi capa 4.3's well enough to game with.
Maybe i got a lemon? But mine requires work (more heating) to fix.

I'd consider this if you know what your doing with kydex, or if you are ok with modding the holster to have a basic thumb break.
by Michael N. on 05/29/2015
"Great brand of holsters. Solid and nice, Look and hold great.

However, this particular model DOES NOT FIT THE WE 226. Not sure about the P Virus, but the f226 is too thick and when you force it in it pushes the slide back and can wear down the guns finish.
by Richard H. on 01/02/2014
"I received this holster just a little while ago and I'm not to impressed. It will not work well with my kwa m9 ptp. It does not collect dirt and other various material that you would come by during a game. And though it does not scratch or damage the body of my m9, it is difficult to both insert and take out which would be a pain to use on the field when needed, I do not recommend this to a user trying to find a good hard shell holster for their m9.