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APS 23rd CO2 Magazine for ACP Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Michael T. on 12/27/2016
"The new updated version of the magazine is really good. Easy to use, load, and feed. I have not had any feeding issues so far and I have used the magazine over 20 times.

Solid construction
strong spring to feed bbs
nice weight
base plate is held on
no leaks

CO2 valve can be leaky if not properly lubricated.
by Spencer H. on 03/29/2016
"So far this is a great mag.

No leaks
Heavy (I like the realistic weight)
Nice finish
Feeds well

Nice finish, BUT this mag WILL get scratched in the mag well over time
No other cons
by Carson R. on 02/22/2016
"This mag is awsome. It may seem like a pain and also unnecessary for the trouble to put the co2 in but it acts as a regulator. However the mag is difficult to load and to get all the bbs to be double stacked it is pretty much necessary to load each bb individually but in a game you can load with a speed loader.
by Jack P. on 12/30/2015
"This is an iffy mag. Period.

I got the APS ACP with a extra mag, which a huge plus, but being these aren't the best magazines on the market many would rethink their decision probably after reading the other review on this too. But I'm here to say otherwise. With plenty of silicone grease you can make these mags work beautifully. The internal O-rings will dry out after two co2 cartridges so grab your can of grease and give it a good spray before loading another! Do it right on the screw and your good to go. Don't, and you'll get a face full of bad smelling co2 (this occurred twice to me and trust me, it smells bad) Other than that, the puncturing pin is sticky so you'll also need to twist in the cap quick.

Overall it's a great and cheap mag (some go for $40!) as long as you take good care of it.

By the way, use a little sticky tack to keep on the bottoms of those mags!
by Adam A. on 05/15/2017
"I got the ATP gbb from the B.O.A and the screw for the Co2 compartment got shaved and now I can't take the Co2 out . So I kind of wish they'd would make it sturdier and less likely to get messed up. Now I have to spend money on another magazine I didn't really plan on doing
by Matthew L. on 03/25/2016
"Here is a nice short review

These mags are good, BUT!

The base plates fall off ALL THE TIME, just the blowback force from the gun firing can knock them off, I have since attached shock cord around the base plates and I hope this works to keep them on.

Will update on this fix later

What really bums me about these Magazines is that the magazines that the gun comes with has a different base plate locking mechanism that is very reliable (to the point its hard to take them off sometimes), I assume these magazines are a older style or generation and I hope that they stop making these and just manufacture the ones with the new baseplate on them.
by Tjay M. on 07/03/2015
"The gun these go to is incredible. Perfect fps for everything (Except super long range) It's reliable and accurate.

The mags however are incredibly iffy.

The locking system for the co2 is difficult to figure out and can get stuck very easily. Pliers may be needed to reopen even after all the cos is drained.

The plastic cap will come off, it will happen, be ready for it. Speed loader, at least the ones I have tried don't seem to work with the mags either.

Other than that though you get about 2.5 mags worth of gas on a single co2 cartridge assuming you installed the cartridge right and the mags didn't leak it all out, and I have had no feeding issues.

If it weren't for the magazines, this would be the ultimate G style pistol to snatch up on a budget.