Reviews: CNC Aircraft Aluminum iPhone 5 5S Armor Phone Case - Black

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Model: ACC-i5-BK

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by Walter C. on 2013-12-03 01:43:45
"great impact protection. only problem is that it cant be put on a docking station for stereos.
by Josh E. on 2013-10-03 00:09:07
"So, I bought this a few days ago and it finally got here today(October 2). I basically expected what I got. It is strong aluminum and doesn't budge an inch if you try to bend it. However, you actually have to set up a few things.

It comes with little 3M silicone liners (tiny stripes that I put on with tweezers) that you have to put in yourself. It's no big deal, except it doesn't cover the complete inside of the case. Unless you stretch out the material, which is bad for it, it won't cover all the edges. And if you don't stretch it, you won't have any extras, just in case you need some.

BUT it gets a bit worse.
Even after thoroughly going over the material to make sure of full coverage, the case managed to scratch the top edges of my phone. Little pin-prick type scratches.

-Durable for sure
-Good idea for case

-Padding not pre-installed (minor)
-Can damage exterior of phone if padding
is not properly installed. (Major unless you really don't care about your phone)
-Would be better if they put a little more thought into it.

Would NOT recommend this product.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)