Reviews: APS Full Metal M4 URX Raptor Airsoft AEG EBB Rifle


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Model: AEG-APS-ASR107
Location: L7-928 WO2-07 L8-T10 L8-T12

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by Devin S. on 2014-04-19 23:10:38
"It's an ok gun, the hop up kind of sucks though. This gun also is fairly inconsistent accuracy-wise. One of the things I dislike most about this gun is the RIS, while it's a very nice CNC aluminum, it twists around because it screws off of the receiver. when I tighten it all the way down so it won't twist, it's off-center about 15-20 degrees counter-clockwise. Basically, this ruins the point of having any lasers (other than a PEQ on the flat-top rail) as it will put their aim askew. Past that, it does have a nice, crisp EBB that has a satisfying "clang" with each shot. Overall, it's good, but could be much better, save up a little and get a G&P or something.

Nice metal pieces (body, RIS, suppressor)
Great for CQB (none where I live, sadly)
Crisp EBB
Can take LiPo batteries well
Built like a tank (this thing has taken its fair share of falls/people (me) falling on it

Buffer tube battery compartment with long wires and a big fuse, even with a 7.4v LiPo, it's hard to find a way to fit it all in there. (this is why I installed a crane stock)
Bad hop up (it sometimes lets BBs roll down the barrel)
Inconsistent accuracy
Inconsistent range
Inconsistent FPS
Loosely spinning RIS (loctite could fix this), that's off-center when tightened.
One of the contacts of the gun's tamaiya connector pulls out of the plastic tamaiya sheath sometimes and makes it stop working. (Really bad when you're in the middle of a firefight.)
by Patrick S. on 2014-01-22 03:30:45
"This is a decent out-of-the-box gun for those who don't want to tinker with any parts or deal with changing out internals. I haven't done any major upgrades to this gun in the last few months of owning this gun, and I'd consider myself a pretty advanced player. Only things I recommend swapping out are the stock (terrible design flaw at APS, batteries barely with in the buffer tube), and the hop-up bucking/nub. Otherwise this is a nice solid gun for beginners and advanced players alike.

However there are some things I didn't like about this gun. FIrst and foremost, the choice of stock was a terrible one. APS expects you to house the fuse box, wiring, and a battery in the buffer tube; this is a nearly impossible feat, especially with an 11.1 stick lipo. Also, don't expect to install any kind of NiMH battery in the buffer tube; it just won't happen.

The second thing I don't like about this gun is that there doesn't appear to be any way to remove the RIS from the receiver. Most tracer units won't fit down the RIS, and that's tough for darker arenas and fields. On a similar note, the threading on the inside is 14mm+, another poor choice in design.

As far as performance goes, I'm satisfied but not overly impressed. The stock bucking and nub was pushing BBs out to moderate distances with reasonable groupings. But nothing a Maple Leaf bucking and flat nub can't fix, right?

Overall I give this gun an 4/5, only due to the few poor design choices and it's not overly impressive stock hop-up performance.
by rebecca s. on 2013-12-21 15:06:03
"I originally had problems internally but through good customer service I got it back in good shape.

Shoots hard
Full metal
Good durability
Looks cool
Awesome blow back.

A few people i know have got a broken one and also had to send it back
Horrible battery space ( I recommend a 7.4v lipo and put duck-tape around to ends so it doesn't damage the battery)
loose magazine
by william l. on 2013-10-23 18:30:04
"i had an issue with the firstone that was sent to me but after great customer service i recieved my new one today. its full metal, shoots really hard, and is very durable.

full metal
very accurate
full ris
good weight to it

loose magwell(piece of the soft side of velcro fixes that)
hard to fit a battery probably best to go lipo

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)