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Model: MPT-72-009

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by Jack G. on 2015-06-21 16:28:44
"I purchased these gloves in January and i've used them at least once or twice every other week and I have not been disappointed at all. they feel great and are a must have for any airsofter.

*plenty of padding (does not mess up dexterity)
*padding on the knuckles is thick, flexible rubber that will definitely protect *against a hit
*breathable for a while
*look tactical af

*some of the stitching isn't the best, but it hasn't ripped yet
*since they are full finger gloves, they do start to get hot, but I wore them for a long time and it took forever for them to get hot. just take them off for a little bit, put them back on, and they'll feel good again
*you don't have them yet

Overall, these gloves are amazing and they're probably my favorite piece of gear that I own. Well worth every penny.
by Noah P. on 2014-10-20 18:54:29
"I own several pairs of these gloves and they are amazing - and essential. In my very first Airsoft field game, I was raising my hand - calling myself hit - and my team mate behind me accidentally shot me in the hand from about 5 feet away. Thankfully my glove absorbed the hit. It hurt, but I probably would not be typing this recommendation were it not for my Mechanix.
by Russell R. on 2014-03-18 21:21:55
"Best pair of work and play gloves I've ever bought .
by Jonathan H. on 2013-08-01 17:44:19
"Very nice gloves, known for their quality at the great price. I hear it's recommended to get a tight fitting pair, because I find using these gloves baggy on my thin Asian hands annoying to use. I'm probably going to get a small pair soon. I actually bought these from another sight.

Come in a large variety of colors and camoflauge schemes
Rubber back finger and knuckle protection
Dexterity detail all over
Strong velcro cuff
Nice palm padding
Nice price for the quality
Thin wall palm and fingers for better feel of grip
Double reinforced index finger, thumb, and palm knuckle (with textured grip)
Rubber padding on backhand is VERY thick, but detailed to dexterity
No index finger protection, more dexterity
No padding on backhand (below knuckles) for dexterity
Mechanix logo is not very noticeable, being it's color blends in with the rest of the glove

Palm padding is a little annoying for dexterity
Thin wall is vulnerable to more wear than other materials
Stitching is becoming undone on Palm knuckle reinforcement
Inverted stitching in finger tips are big, and get really annoying
Knuckle alignment with padding is poorly designed, personally
Not for all jobs: not fireproof or cut proof
Wicks moisture poorly, you will want to take of the gloves on a hot day
Stitching between index finger and thumb could use some reinforcement
I'm a size medium in hand anatomy, but these are baggy on my very thin Asian hands
Any place without padding will hurt

Overall nice for CQB and range shooting, just not for everyone and everything. It's survived half a year of airsoft and a weekend of camping. These gloves are very comparable to the Oakley Factory/SI gloves. I'm a PMC kit user, but I think these would look great in Multicam and A-TACS.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)