Reviews: ASG Licensed Steyr AUG A2 Discoveryline Airsoft AEG Rifle


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Model: AEG-ASG-50026

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by Elliott L. on 2015-05-02 02:50:35
"This was my first Aeg i bought and it works great i still have it and use it time to time ran into a few issues though ill list goods and bads , starting with the bad and tell you how i fixed it.
-very loose componets , first game the barrel came loose and fell off so lock tight the screw holding it on there.
-plate in rear is plastic and some how cracked so i pasted jb weld with a brush and its great now.
-the pin that holds the upper barrel assembly to the stock (square but still a pin) definatly needs to have the metal spacer glued to it or it will wable loose in transportation.
-Range is amazing! Hop up tunes well and gets great accuracy with it .
- functionality is great other then the minor parts listed above everything else is solid.
- its soooo cheap!!!! 104 bucks is deffinatly should not be the price haha (dont read that evike).
- the mags are well assembled there very very very durable i accidently dolphin dove on them multiple times
-very easy to upgrade!
- easy to maintain
If your just starting or wanting a great versitile weapon indoor and out this weapon has it all being bullpup the barrel gives the range and the size makes clearing rooms and pieing corners AUGsome ...... Dumb pun my bad
by Jared S. on 2015-04-12 15:02:31
"Piece of garbage. I ordered this and when I got it, the bb's had a hard time feeding, it is super heavy in the back and the gun jams VERY often. Every time I try to shoot it, I constantly have to crank the bottom of clip, then when it jams, I have to pull out the clip and let the bbs fall out. Buy something more expensive. This gun clearly shows that you get what you pay for.
Looks good

Jams constantly
NOT worth $115 (tax and shipping included)
Safety falls out
If you need to remove the barrel, it is EXTERMELY hard to get back in.

Overall: Terrible gun, buy something nicer.
by Tim M. on 2015-02-11 15:42:16
"While this gun looks really cool, it is built very cheaply especially the gearbox. The externals of the gun are made of polymer except for the top rail. I am not giving it 1 star, because it actually shoots pretty well until it gets jammed or you have to replace a blown fuse (like I did). Myself being an experienced airsoft player highly recommend pros and beginners alike not to purchase this gun.
by atte a. on 2013-11-25 07:25:44
"Low price, good gun and big range
by tom k. on 2013-11-15 09:42:29
"I received this gun for my birthday and loved it. It was a great gun for me, as I am not very experienced. This gun helped me improve my skills it did have a feel problems tough, but otherwise great gun

Looks good
Fires hard
Large clip

Would jam when shooting
No switch with semi-fire that was annoying
Safety could fall out
Very heavy
by Juan C. on 2013-08-10 13:20:59
Great price
Shoots Great
GREAT range
Light Gun
Ver 3. Full Metal Gearbox

Gets Jammed from time to time
Only comes with a 8.4v batery

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)