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Magpul PTS Full Metal M4 Carbine RM4 Scout Airsoft ERG EBB Rifle by KWA

8 Customer Reviews

by Troy H. on 10/20/2016
"Throughout the years I've owned a vast arsenal of airsoft gund everything from gas blowback pistol's to the MG 42 but for an assault rifle set up this is by far my favorite !!!!!

Real solid
Good accuracy
Great look
Excellent recoil

That Evike doesn't carry it anymore
by Siwen W. on 11/26/2015
"I bought this due to the rising cost of real ammo, I wasn't able to keep up with the desired amount of training with my real AR15. So I turned my head to the airsoft community. With some research I fould this, the KWA RM4 scout, which is practically an identical twin of my AR15 setup. Since I bought it I couldn't be happier. I can practice basic marksmanship in the backyard on simulated 200 yard target at a 25 yard distance. With proper adjustment the airsoft is surprisingly flat shooting at that range, and I zeroed it in for 1.2 inch low at 25 yard to simulate an improved battle sight zero with a real 5.56 carbine. The simulated recoil is impressive, while it's doesn't exactly feel like a full power 5.56 recoil (it felt like shooting subsonic 5.56 with a suppressor), it's better than what I expected from a "toy". The magpul PTS furniture is compatible with a lot of extra accessories I have for the real gun and they quickly found their new home. My only gripe is that the magazine that came with the gun doesn't lock the bolt back on last round and it wouldn't feed the last few BBs. But that's minor, afterall i get to shoot my "AR" in the backyard at practically no cost.
by Cooper G. on 07/09/2014
"I think all around this is a great gun.

Great kick
Good weight
Comfortable to hold
Just Feels all correct
Firm Build.

Hard to put battery in
Gets heavy after awhile
by Brennan M. on 05/15/2014
"This gun is amazing!! It has amazing range in fact, it out range my friends combat machine with a 6.03 diameter 509mm madbull thought bore,
Everyone I know always asks to shoot it
Amazing range
Amazing accuracy
Great externals
Realizing weight
Nice firm kick

Little heavy after a long game
Needs a 11.1 lipo to have a good rof

Over all well worth the money recommend to all players
by Karen F. on 01/28/2014
"What can I say about this gun?

It's KWA, It's Magpul, it's magnificent...

This is the finest rifle I have ever purchased, the build quality is superb, it's performance is astounding.

This gun is a 9.9 out of 10, I deduct .1 point because after I shot around 70 rounds the gun stopped firing, a simple fix took about 2 seconds to fix and did not require disassembly. Make sure to break in your RM4 and be ready for it to stop firing, carry a small long screw driver and a silicone spray lubricant with a long nozzle during games and when shooting. A minor defect in the guns design, but not a huge issue.

The PMAGs are 100% compatible with the real Ranger Plates (Not the Magpul PTS ones) manufactured by Magpul for real firearms, the hand guard also accepts real MOE rail segments.

The recoil is amazing, similar to a .22 rifle, or an accessorized GBB Rifle.

The gun is designed to run on and performs best with an 11.1V LiPo battery. I use a Tenergy 11.1V 1000mAH High power LiPo Pack and the gun runs great.

The gun weighs around 7 pounds unloaded and with no attachments.

Extremely high quality
Extremely realistic due to automatic cutoff feature when last round fired and simulated recoil
Great performances

Firing malfunction as mentioned above, easy to fix but very annoying and bound to happen again.

In conclusion, this is the best airsoft gun I've ever owned and if you have the money and you're looking for a good gun, get this you will not regret it.
by Carey F. on 10/08/2013
"I really like this rifle. It's realistic enough to help build muscle memory. The entire product, inside and out, is very high quality.

The Magazines are also built exceptionally well. The ability to switch between 30rd and 60rd is appreciated! When you're not looking to carry 15 magazines on to the field, the 60rd capacity is nice. Although, I will probably bring the 120rd Magpul Pmags with me.

The recoil itself is very close to a railed and accessorized GBBR (more weight reduces felt recoil). It's not as pronounced as a LM4 but again...very close.

The bolt catch release isn't very satisfying. Not like a real AR-15 or GBBR, but it does aid in muscle memory. It does it's job.

One of the best features is that you don't have to fuss with leaky GBB magazines or expensive air rigs or external tanks. While I LOVE the Daytona engines (HPA blow back recoil simulator) they are costly and there is no factory bolt catch solution. They do take AEG mags.

The RM4 is the right solution. It's cost effective, realistic and durable.
by Aaron S. on 09/02/2013
"I just got this gun in the mail last week, I even used it in an event we had here over the weekend. The gun is great and everybody that held it and shot it liked it. The recoil is some you will have to get use to but other than that its a great gun. I will write out a few pros and cons about it at the end of this. But I just want to clear things up for people who I have been seeing post things on facebook about this. It is the Mag. that stops it from firing when you run out of BB's in it. The Mag. does not stop it from doing the recoil. that is done with a spring in the stock. You can use any Mags with it. Magpul Mags. KWA Mags. G&P mags. Any mag will pretty much work for this gun. Also its a Small battery connector so its pretty much like most connectors. Also the gun is mostly metal but the hand guard and the stock are plastic and pretty darn durable as well. There is only one thing that I do not like. The fact that it has a front fixed sight. But that will be changed as soon as I get a gas block with a rail and get some flip up sights. Also I am not sure if its a tight bore barrel or not but if it isn't I am going to change that to one. Also it seems like my gun shoots good but the BB's fall short rather fast. Maybe 30 feet in front of me. Something I will have to check out. But other than that its a good gun with a great build and very solid.

Great feel.
Good weight
Full metal upper and lower.
Nice feeling recoil.
Magpul furniture.
Smooth firing and trigger response.
KWA Internals.

Fixed front sight.
BBs seem to fall short most of the time.
by Billy M. on 01/26/2014
"great gun external wise but internally i have had my problems. be very careful when taking this gun a part for any upgrade because the wiring placement is terrible as of now i have broken 2 sets of wires on mine the first time taking it a part and the second time i was putting it back together after a barrel upgrade. the hop up is not very good all of my bbs at max hop still curved down.
great external build
good fps
good recoil/ realism
good gear box
bad wire placement
terrible hop up
i wouldn't buy another only because of the problems i had with the wires but the hop up is fixable.