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Evike "Gangnam Style" IFF Hook and Loop PVC Morale Patch

22 Customer Reviews

by Evan M. on 11/28/2016
"I got this through connections, and It is one of the rarest, and best looking patches I have in my collection. Thanks to the person that got me it. :-)
by Austin W. on 10/23/2016
"A fantastic rare patch, thankful I got this from airsoftcon! If you get it, know you're one of very few who has it.
by Sebastian O. on 08/26/2016
"Won this patch in a SWAGG pack, looks great on my helmet.
by Roddy R. on 07/05/2016
"THIS IS AN ACTUAL REVIEW!!!!!! I got it in the swag pack

high quality
nice colonization
sticks out
no one else on your field will have it

sticks out (for some people)
cost if you were stupid enough to actually buy it for 10k
by Tyler R. on 02/06/2016
"I rate this patch a 10/10! It's cost effective at only 9,999 and has a ridiculous ROF at 40 RPS out of the box. This patch allows you to time travel and even has an invisible force field so you never get hit with another bb again! Talk about versatile! So why invest money into college or a family!? I've never been so satisfied with a purchase of anything in my life. And the best part is, you can sell your KWA's and Krytacs, because this patch has some serious range and firepower. Made of children's tears, it is very durable yet extremely soft and weirdly moist.
by Jorrin C. on 01/22/2016
"This patch is the absolute BEST for ALL types of airsofting. I have used this patch on several occasions, I was able to headshot a guy in the Czech Republic from Canada. The patch shoots around 300 - 800 fps, making it perfect for CQB and all other types of airsofting. This patch was definitely worth my left arm, right leg, kidney, the dog, and the house. All for the cheap price of 9,000.

Everything. It has been Chuck Norris approved.
Cheap price by the way

Nothing. It has been Chuck Norris Approved.
by Roman P. on 09/06/2015
"First off, i bought this patch after selling my house and moving into my trash can. I must say, it was worth every penny and every time my trash can gets a bit cramped, i look at the patch and tell myself it was all worth it. Then i lost it.
by tony r. on 06/14/2015
"now, i already know what you're going to say. over $9,000? why would i ever spend that money on airsoft? i could buy a house and car with all that cash. let me tell you, this is well worth the dinero. this is quality, we're talking full metal, pre-shimmed gearbox with 8mm bushings. not only that, but this has a 6.01 mm tight bore already installed! super accurate right out of the box, chronos in at 350- 700 fps, which is a pretty tight grouping in fps. but wait! there's more! this is lipo ready as soon as you get out out of the box! talk about a good deal! this is a great addition to any collection. (just a joke, its a patch)
by chad d. on 02/21/2015
"Absolutely worth every penny. Bought ten for my entire team plus my dog. Even though i had to sell my oldest daughter on the black market and my house, this product's performance justified that along with us living in a dumpster. Every time my family complains about the cold and hunger i show them the patch and they stop whining. I have never been so happy with a purchase in my entire life except this. Thank you Evike for such a wonderful product.
by abraham h. on 11/28/2014
"I love this patch; expensive but worth it. I sold my sold to slave labor for this !!!
by John P. on 11/14/2014
"AMAZING PATCH!!! i sold my wife and was only able to pay for half. so i had to sell my daughter and my son. TOTES WORTH IT
by Andy S. on 08/24/2014
"At first i was a little worried that i may get too many kills with this patch. but once i put it on it felt like i turned into Rambo himself. Sadly i have to walk to games now but thats ok. more the merrier.
by Noah M. on 07/05/2014
"This patch is absolutely fantastic! By all means worth the ten grand. I don't even use my G36k anymore, my patch kills the enemies for me. Watch out at indoor fields, though. It can very easily punch holes into walls. My local indoor field no longer allows the patch, so just be careful.
by Colin G. on 06/17/2014
"great patch! worth the 10k, sold my car for it, some asshole burned it on the first night on a mission, but it was worth it!
by travis b. on 05/21/2014
"its amazing i had a few stitched to the seats of my lambo