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Model: Grip-ERGO-4201-SS-BK
Location: Z2-209

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by RM O. on 2015-05-02 14:00:20
"I originally bought this to mount on a side rail to use as a thumb rest type thing. It works fairly well for that use, and is fairly comfortable if you wrap your whole thumb around the thing and nestle it into the webbing of your hand. It sounds weird, I know, but is actually pretty comfortable and keeps your hand from moving around at all.

As for its actual use as a hand rest, well, that is a different story. This thing is big, and has very squared edges near the base that sit high off of the rail (see pictures in item description) which makes this uncomfortable as a handstop unless you have some really thick rail covers to go with it. Basically, your hand will be hitting the big square base and not the curved part.

All in all I like for my own weird uses, and I have even used it like a stubby grip by turning it backwards. If you want something interesting to try on your gun, go ahead and get this, you will find something to do with it.

Works great for odd uses
Nice tough rubber material
Thick metal screws keep it from moving

Large, squared off base
Really makes a poor handstop

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)