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Matrix "Delta" Metal Magazine for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Capacity: 190 Rounds)

4 Customer Reviews

by Wiley R. on 12/24/2014
"Bought a couple mags, and bottom line. Great buy!


- Full metal
- 190rds capacity (normal mid caps are 90 - 130rds usually)
- Feeds great after you break them in
- Nothing rattles inside when you shake it
- Very sleek black finish
- Realistic weight


!!This is only when you first buy the mag!! When you first load the magazine, it will not feed very well, but after the first or second time I loaded it, it fed perfectly.
by Joshua W. on 07/30/2014
"This will be short, sweet and to the point.

The magazine works great and feeds the BB's fine.
Keeps up with high rate of fire.
The best thing (I Think So) Is it FITS A KWA (All of them)
You can tell this from a 120 or 130 for sure.
Last thing.... Buy it.
You get what you pay for these days. You buy Cheap, you get cheap breakable product(s),
You pay for quality and longevity; you get a good, solid, long lasting product. Spend the extra $
by Dakota P. on 02/23/2014

But in all seriousness this is a good mag. Feeds flawless and all I had to do was put a little Velcro on the back to get it to fit snug in the mag well. My UAR would jam up on full auto with high-cap mags and I slapped one of these puppies in and unloaded the whole mag on full auto without any problems. And the cool shape of the mag is just icing on the cake baby!
by Scuba S. on 08/19/2013
"G&G F2000 users, rejoice...and all AEG users who have problems with gearbox screws stopping the midcap mags from seating.

This mag works without mods in the F2000. The fit is a little strange due to the curve of the H&K style, but it's not difficult. It's also SILENT and doesn't wobble. You may have to push up the mag catch to get it in - I wouldn't force it too much. The mag catch is not indestructible, and it's a snug fit so could wear down. But once you loosen your mag catch, it clicks right in. This is a new AEG, so a break-in period probably helps too.

...and every BB feeds! Can't say the same for other mid caps...and this is a 190rd!

I still took a Dremel tool to the top and filed down a small space for the gearbox screw, just to be sure I'm not hitting the gearbox...but this isn't necessary.

I'm not sure if other Matrix mags work. Maybe CYMA/Matrix spec'd ones. It has to do with the spring-guide on top of the mag and the width of the sides/edges of the mag, and this one fits great but this is the only Matrix mag I tried. Its a HK style STANAG in actual BLACK and holds 190rds. I don't think I need to try anything else.

Please don't run out Evike!

Looks like HK STANAG
Looks perdy

No box set, as of now
Relatively expensive
Nothing else