Reviews: Matrix 170rd Polymer Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

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Model: MAG-C105
Location: D8-414 WO16-M05

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by Rebecca H. on 2015-01-31 20:58:04
"Pretty decent mags. Fit well in pretty much any pouch (being patterned from 5.56 mm AK mags, they have about the same curvature as M4 PMAGs). Feed well, only had minor feeding issues with one out of five. You gotta be careful about banging the front catch lip on the magwell when you're pulling them out of your gun. If you hit that lip too hard it'll snap off. They hold a heck of a lot of ammo and you can see how much you have left, which is nice. They fit snugly in both my CYMA CM045 and my CYMA CM039.
by Ryan J. on 2015-01-14 07:39:11
"Very cool mags, 160 rounds and the ability to see every single one without removing the mag is a huge advantage. The enlarged floorplate makes them easy to grab. The only thing I'd change is to make the front locking tab metal for increased durability. They also fit in M4 mag pouches better than other AK mags due to being straighter. On a side note to make these mags fit in my CYMA AK-74M I had to slightly file down the bottom of the front lip (the piece you stick in the gun before rocking it in.) It only required a very small amount of material removed. Once I did that it worked fine.
Overall 9/10 mags
by Erik K. on 2014-11-05 11:12:28
"Works Well... Great build quality. Fits my AK500 from Echo1 very well...

My receiver is basically a RedStar Bolt receiver. Tight fit but not hard to seat the magazine
by Jake A. on 2014-11-05 11:11:52
"I absolutely love these mags! they perform amazing. the fit very nice in my mag pouches and go in and out of my gun (an echo1 operators combat weapon) sold her on evike too very easily in comparison to other ak mags.

great look and feel
exalent quality
ranger plates are nice
magpul makes the best mags I have ever used!

the price. you can get cyma beta mags without the magpul trades and ranger plates for around $8 here.
cleaning them. they don't disassemble like regular ak mags.
by Leo M. on 2014-11-05 11:10:43
"Ok so I got these about a week ago and to tell you the truth i was a bit worried that they might not fit my Echo 1 AK700. Upon their arrival I took them out of their packaging, a plastic zip-lock baggy, and replaced my usual banana mag with one. Not only did it fit, but it was perfect for the rifle. Tossing in a few BB's and a battery i set off to my make shift firing range and began putting rounds down 'range'. Again, the magazines fed perfectly, and had no issues what so ever. If you have an AK or AK variant for your AEG, these are a must have. They fit in M4 mag pouches and their slight transparency allows you to check and see how many rounds you have left... not to mention make your rifle just look outstanding.

+ Feed Perfectly
+ Light weight
+ Fit any AK (from what I know could be wrong of course)
+ Made of Strong Polymer
+ Semi Transparent
+ Upgrade able (you can put ranger plates on these)
+ Fit in M4 Magazine Pouches

- The Price (but even that I personally find not to be a problem)
by Jacob S. on 2014-11-05 11:10:06
"This mag is perfect! it looks good, has a good solid feel, and its feeding is great. I use this for my Echo1 AK74 and it looks BEAUTIFUL. This is by far, the best mag I have ever used! (inculding AUG nd M4 style mags)
by Hissan Q. on 2014-07-03 21:52:24
"Great mags for the price. They fit and feed in all my aks (CYMA and the Echo 1 OCW). They are cheap and hold plenty of BB's, the mags are transparent enough to see how many are left before you need to reload. However, they did not feed in my Element Red Hop Up Unit. The biggest problem is that the plastic lip that hooks into the magwell can be easily broken. I have already lost one mag due to this, once it breaks the mag will not lock in properly. Hopefully the makers can reinforce these with a metal or thick plastic. Despite this these mags are an amazing value and feed amazingly. I recommend this product to anyone looking for mag that doesn't look like the traditional 74' magazine.
by Brian N. on 2014-06-17 07:50:45
"Bought a test mag to see how it worked in my CYMA AK105 (CM 031D). Fantastic! They feed beautifully, they are clear so you can see the ammo level and there is absolutely no wobble! (unlike the stock hi-cap mag that shipped with the gun) Am planning to buy more to complete mid-cap AK loadout.
by tanner j. on 2014-02-04 12:17:09
"i bought one for my Beta Project AK and it works flawlessly! i love this mag and i cant wait to buy more!
by Martha P. on 2014-01-02 18:51:34
"I bought 3 of these for my stock CM047c and I was very impressed. I also own the real steel version of this magazine and it's a very close replica. They feed perfectly for me and they look sexy. Just like Arsenal AKs _3. Anyway, these feel great and fit well in my M4 mag pouches, surprisingly. Great capacity as well. Just don't slap these in too hard, they make break after some use, just like the real steel ones before they got the metal lip on them. (These have the plastic lip) I love these mags!!
by Hissan Q. on 2013-12-29 19:41:13
"Bought 5 of these mags for my CM047c. They fit perfectly with very very little wobble. The price is amazing along with the fact that it holds plenty of rounds (one mag contains as many bb's as two of my M4 mags). However, I suffered from constant misfeeds, my hop up consists of a Element red hop unit, Madbull Red Shark bucking, stock nub and Madbull Black 6.03 Tight Bore Barrel. I'm very disappointed that I bought 5 mags that misfeed in my gun. Hopefully, you won't have this issue. I'd like to think, this was a special case as they are very study and sexy. Hope my review helped.
by Gwen B. on 2013-09-10 20:20:10
"Performs flawlessly out of the box and I didn't need to lube it or anything. (I think you should just to make sure, I did after testing). I ordered 3 and they're a perfect fit in an Echo1 Tactical AK. A big plus is that you can see how many rounds you have left to assist in timely reloading. Also, the construction of these mags are quite solid, no squeaky sounds or loose feel. Overall a cheap and worthy alternative to the magpul versions which are about $10 more. Thanks to Evike for finding some awesome mags! Will be getting a LOT more soon

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 reviews)