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Bulldog Compact Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Pistol by WE - Tan

5 Customer Reviews

by Jason A. on 09/12/2014
"Overall, 9/10, I'd buy it again!

Realistic PX4 Subcompact training tool - side by side, they'd be hard to distinguish
Fits my PX4 Blackhawk SERPA holster the same as a real PX4
Almost realistic recoil, comparable to a .22LR target pistol
Comparable weight/balance
Adjustable palm swell on the lower receiver
Hits hard, but still in regulation for CQB airsoft play.
Solid materials/construction

The safety/decocker function does not always drop the hammer as on the real PX4 - doesn't impede function (still stays safe, still fires when taken off of safe), but if you're trying to simulate a double action trigger pull on the first round, and single action after that, it does mess up the full muscle memory training experience. For airsoft game enthusiasts, not a problem. For folks using this as a training tool before carrying a real 9mm PX4 subcompact, take note. Not a dealbreaker, just not 100%

Magazines are not as solid as the pistol itself - lots of plastic parts on the moving pieces, and in places that could get damaged easily if dropped on a hard surface (the magazine feed lips are plastic, and the platform that the spring pushes upwards to feed BBs (and the tab that you depress to load BBs) is also plastic. I have 5 magazines total (4 compact 20 round, 1 full size 25 round with the grip extension sleeve), and haven't had any issues yet, but I'm curious to see how they hold up over time. Gas loading and O-ring seal is good to go so far.

Grip-extension magazine sleeves are nowhere to be found online for using additional full size 25 round magazines.
by Sam B. on 08/04/2016
"Beretta PX-4 by WE-Tech.

4/5 stars.
Gun works fine, its good for concealment fits inside of a plate carrying chamber, and has a good magazine capacity for its size. However the orange tip fell off as soon as I put pressure on it to screw it off, and I have yet to put a new one on and that is bad. Gas stores well and you will get a steady FPS for most of its fill. I like the poly bottom and metal top, keeps it light and weighted correctly in your hand. Holster that hold this are hard to find. I know Blackhawk! and Fobus make holsters. My backup mag was leaky and broke a week in. Im happy I had a spare, but still, but what should I expect? Its a WEtech,
Buy it if you need a concealed gun, just don't expect many frills, and be weary, just because mine is fine doesn't mean yours will. And if you do get it, make sure to have a backup pistol and lots of silicon oil.
by Tyler R. on 03/16/2015
"I ordered this only reading a few reviews. After about 5 days I started to really read up on it and heard a lot of bad things. That the gun was designed poorly, magazines were cheap, ect. I received it not to long ago and decided to try it out. Grabbed the long magazine, filled it up, and heard a sizzle sound. Dangit I though, magazine came leaky like a few reviews said. Decided to deal with it and shot the short mag after but over time shooting the long mag the leak began to go away, leading me to the conclusion it was over lubricated to begin with.
The kick is definitely satisfactory for its size.
As far as the size goes, your going to have to judge for yourself from my view point. Im a relatively small guy, but I could grip a full size USP with ease, i was thinking i was going to use the compact magazine so its profile is smaller but my pinky rests on the base plate of the short magazine, the long magazine is much more comfortable and I would say is large enough to fit almost any person but still comfortable enough for smaller hands.
The decocker is different for me, if you rack the slide in safety and release it it doesn't always go back normally, but this should be somewhat expected since it isnt suppose to pull the hammer back in safety, so if you are be careful, things could break.
The rail on the lower is very small, maybe an inch at most, so dont be expected to put any flashlight or laser on it. Overall at this point I would say I would buy it again, though new to green gas I'd say it is pretty nice and easy to use.
by Lana H. on 06/02/2014
"I've had this gun for a little while now (August of last year) as my first GBB pistol.

I must say that it works as it should but I've had troubles filling it up, as in I would only be able to get 2-4 shots out of a long propane fill and I am 100% sure it is not leaking. This means that it's most likely my fault or the propane tank's fault, but still not the greatest.

Here's something important you must read: The gun is very comfortable and ergonomic, but to the point where it's almost awkward to hold and aim. I like how compact it is, but it honestly makes it looks stupid in person to be honest. By the way, the tan is more of a dark earth in person, so be aware.


Compact (Pro or Con)

Perfect weight to it in my opinion (Not too heavy, but doesn't feel like a toy)

Good FPS for a GBB pistol

Decent Materials for a WE


Magazine problem (most likely user error)

Safety slides up and arms the pistol when I rack it back....BE CAUTIOUS....

Kind of ugly in person


If you like the look of the PX4, get it. But if you're like me and like Glocks, M9's, and 1911's, don't. Safety could be better and it's sort of ugly, but it functions properly and it's pretty good for a WE

4 out of 5 Stars for me.
by Christopher W. on 01/13/2014
"Great gun, not so great magazines. The 25rd mag broke after about a week, when the plastic feed piece on it broke after i let go of the spring, the smaller 20rd mag worked great until the plastic then on the end of the spring broke in half and jams sometimes. (I would order a couple extras os back up)

Pros= Great gun, gas works well, quick
Cons= poopy mags, sry :(