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KWA ATP Full Auto Full Metal Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol

10 Customer Reviews

by Dragon S. on 01/11/2017
"This gun is by far the most amazing and spectacular thing i have ever seen. It is so sleek and runs beautifully. I have only a few cons on this gun but they are very minor. There are mainly good things about this gun. I first bought a Beretta the same price for this "glock" ACP. Me and my friend had a battle using our pistols. He was using the Elite Force 1911(the tan and black, with threaded barrel). From probably 50 ft i nailed him in the shoulder. He said it stung like a B****.To start off here are the pros--

1. This gun is low maintenance and runs amazing
2. I fell in love with this gone seeing the fact that the full auto is as accurate as the single fire.
3. What real blew me away is how light this gun is and how hard it hits.
4. This gun has no recoil and that's why it is so good fully auto, you can pinpoint someone.
5. As i said before there is no need to rank it from beginner to intermediate. This gun strictly if you want to F**** someone up.
7. The mag locks down allowing easy bb filling.

Stop looking for a handgun and settle on this. I know there are other reviews about guns with this whole con - you don't have it, the pistol is amazing. The manufacturing company did a splendid job of making a kick ass handgun. OK CONS--

1. You are going to need heavier BBs for this handgun. Point 2s wont cut it, they simply fly upwards after around 30-50 feet. I have not yet found the perfect sizw but my friend as i mentioned earlier loaned me some .4s. So i will see how those work and report back.
2. You are going to need more mags, one will not satisfy this beast. Yes they are pricey but this gun is 110% worth it. The mag only can hold maybe one and a half refills on bbs until the gas runs out.
3. YOU DON'T HAVE IT ( im sorry)
by Race B. on 06/05/2015
"Buy this pistol! Great for anyone! My friend has this pistol and he has let me use it plenty of times to get a great feel for it. I speedsoft/rush so I would use this as a primary in a cqb field. It is very consistent and has a nice blowback feature. Easy to use, clean, and reload. I would definitely recommend this for a first pistol.
by Corey G. on 02/14/2015
"What can I say other than this is the pistol to have! I have fielded this on a variety of fields. Great as a back up. The select fire option is a great game changer. This pistol has gotten me out of quite a few jams. The biggest and only con is the extra mags are expensive. But the high caps are very nice to have.

Overall Great pistol and highly recommended!!
by Michael F. on 06/26/2014
"I love this pistol. My first GBB was the WE hi-capa 5.1 dragoon. Great pistol, but could be better. Then i got the WE cqb alpha (same gun as the first, but upgraded for better grip and accuracy). Both of which are great guns, i love them both. The biggest problem is they are very heavy, lot of metal on them. Nother big issue, as cool as the split slide design is, there are NO hard shells compatible with it. Plenty of soft shells, but i hate soft shells. Soft shells are easy to quick draw, but putting it back can take several seconds (which is like several minutes in the heat of battle).

So i invested in an entirely new pistol for three mains reasons. 1, i wanted a glock style gun with a lower percent of metal (lighter weight). This gun meets that and shaves maybe a pound, not a lot, but on a load out of about 30-40 pounds, every pound counts.

2. It needs to be able to fit into a hardshell holster. I got the serpa holster from airsoftgi, hands down the best secondary set up i've ever had. I use this on my sniper (500fps) set up, and i can easily remain effective with this gun from 0-120 feet. If i need to i can push it past 120 feet, but that'd likely take a lot more shots, and or spray a cloud at them. I can literally draw and holster this gun more then once per second, that's how easy of a holster/gun fit this is. With my old gun sure the draw would be like .5 seconds, but to holster it would be anywhere from 5-30 seconds, and usually requires both hands to pull the button into the right spot.

3. This wasn't a "must" but the full auto appealed to me. Biggest thing is keep in mind the ROF on this is fairly high, so with a standard mag, you get maybe 2-3 seconds of trigger hold before all the bb's are going downrange. Even doing controlled bursts, it's maybe 8-10 bursts (MAX) before it's gone. If you intend to use full auto AT ALL, much less frequently, definetely invest in the larger pistol mags.

This gun is a GBB and does have some kick (for an airsoft pistol), so don't expect to hit much with full auto past 70 feet. Grouping can be several feet unless using controlled bursts. With the extended mags, kick is reduced.

The only real complaint i have with this gun, is how the semi/auto/safe (select fire) switch gets stuck pretty often. The solution is pull the slide back, and then switch it while the slide is still back.

Note that with all guns, this does take some breaking in, as well as the mags. It might jam a few times at first, double feed, etc, but after about 50 rnds (per mag) all runs beautifully.

Note, check your fields rules on full auto (many fields say full auto 25+ feet of minimum engagement, so clearing rooms means semi auto rendering full auto kind pointless).

Lighter then a lot of 1911 and other full metal models
AMAZING with a quick-draw hardshell holster
Accurate (for a pistol)
Full auto is a lot of fun

Select fire gets stuck sometimes
by Kellan M. on 06/25/2014
"If you are thinking about buying something small, light, and CQB compatible without mods, THIS IS FOR YOU.

-Lightweight, but not cheap
-It qualifies for thefree bonus program
-Will fit in the Matrix G-Series holster that is on sale right now
-It uses the same mags as the Magpul FPG! (I'm gonna buy the pink one as soon as possible)

Mags are pricy!! It is a better deal to get 2 extednded ones

Overall, I love this gun, it has a good CQB fps, the backstrap is interchangeble
by Matt C. on 11/15/2013
"Awesome Gun!! Like this gun better than my WE Tech G17. Hop up works extremely well and is easy to adjust with provided tool. Mags are way better! Has a built in keeper to hold the spring down while loading, and button to release.
by Frank L. on 08/18/2013
"Great gun overall


-good fps
-dead on accurate
-full auto
-extreme durability
-metal slide
-super strength polymer lower receiver makes gun light weight


-you may need to grease the slide
-the mag only holds 23 rounds [bad since gun is full auto]
-plastic recoil spring guide
by ron r. on 07/25/2013
"The KWA ATP auto is an amazing gun. The gun shoots very very fast on full auto, I would reccomend you buy a extended mag and use .25 gram BB's for this gun. The gun is very easy to take apart and even a beginner can lean how to do it in minutes. The accuracy on full auto is ok, but not a problem at all. The guns main purpose is for CQB because it does not have a long range on it. But if you play field I would still purchase this gun no doubt. Please please buy this gun you will not be disappointed.

PROS:Looks, ROF, sound, rails, takedown. Recoil,trademarks, realism, good price, KWA, and extended mag.

CONS: Can't even think of one. GET THIS GUN!!!
by Robert T. on 08/07/2014
"i have had four of these guns the first three broke or came dysfunctional the fourth has worked great just it is not that accurate so i have to buy a new bucking but the only problems i have had is the hop up thanks to evike's great customer service they have replaced all the dysfunctional ones
by Kaleb M. on 01/07/2014
"When I got this gun I was amazed by it, so I will list the pros and cons

-Full auto capability
-Good rate of fire
-Gas blow back
-Metal slide
-Able to get extended mags
-Fire selector switch
-Trigger safety
-Iron sights
-Comes with a mini rail under the rail
-Mags are well built

-Slide does NOT like to lock back when out of ammo...
-Gun does NOT like to shoot in semi-auto mode.
-Mags can be a little funky when putting gas in at first, but they get better later.
-May feel like it is a cheesy build when holding it, but it's not.

Overall: I like this gun, but there are a few problems with it, and the mags are a little expensive for most people. I would recommend this gun, but I would rather get a KJ23 or something else over this. But, the full auto feature is pretty nice and that was really what I was really wanting out of this gun.