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Tokyo Marui Sentinel Nine Leon Airsoft GBB Pistol w/ Hard Case

2 Customer Reviews

by tmdk t. on 11/26/2013
"I must disagree with Daniel

The Sentinel Nine(or any stock Tokyo Marui gbb pistol), will always outperform any stock Marui clone on the market.


Solid build, absolutely, positively no wobble whatsoever, not the magazine, not the slide, not the barrel, nothing. Unlike the WE variant, which sounds like rattling car keys when firing. The slide and frame are all one whole piece of ABS, this means there are no significant weak points in the plastic as if they were just two pieces molded together unlike as the outer barrel, which is still solid even though it's molded.

Superior and unmatched accuracy and range. You can surely hit a human sized torso at roughly 120 feet and up consistently.

Stands out against other pistols on the market(Unless you have the WE P-virus, there will be a showdown.)

Extremely ergonomic for a right-handed pistol. It's a SIG 226 in the first place, and they've included a grip with a longer beaver tail and a thumbrest for a much more stable grip on the pistol.

Comes with some cool decals and things. Such as the DSO hardcase and medallion as well as the custom slide, grip, trigger, sights and flash hider making it more than worth the price you pay.

Compatible with all Marui compatible 226 magazines and aftermarket parts except for the proprietary ones for the Marui P226 E2, the KWC and the KWA P226


It is a TM, which means that it's mostly made of ABS, not a true con since I don't mind ABS plastic, but of course most people would find a metal slide more likable.

Unfortunately based off the older Marui P226 rather than the P226 E2, this means that in a shootout, the P226 E2 has the potential to dish out more rounds quicker than the Sentinel Nine because of the quicker trigger reset.

I'd give the gun an overall 10/10


Chronos at 300-310 FPS with green gas/propane. 280-290 if you use duster gas.
by Daniel K. on 09/09/2013
"this is my 4th TM i hated all my other 3 but this is AMAZING. i wrote a negative review for the TM m9, but i have had this for 2 weeks now and its still not worth the money. the range is amazing, Fps is ok but the range and great quality plastic make up for it. my overall opinion of the gun ill give it a 4/5. but really go buy the we tech f226 for $90 and its just as good. so if you really love TM get this if you are looking for a good gbb this will serve every need but its pricey and not worth the money my favorite gbb is my we tech bio hazard m9 NOT THE BLACK EDITION (WHICH WAS THE ORIGINAL BAD VERSION) i have the chrome silver and the black and silver which are amazing, the chrome is the best. yes i do have the original black but its bad. but for an overall gun this is AMAZING........just the fps is a little low