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G&P 150rd High Precision Metal Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Set of 5

4 Customer Reviews

by Bradley B. on 06/06/2014
"I use these mags on my Cyma AK and I have no issues what so ever. They're great mags and I would buy them again and again!
by Jeanne M. on 04/03/2015
"Meh. is all I can say about these mags.

-Good feeding
-Fits in mag well

-2 of the mags had pins slightly out to the side that wouldn't allow it to fit in the mag well. fixed with a file
-Mag fit is very very very tight in my gun.
-Lip on one mag is slightly lose and allows mis feeding.
Overall good mag, bad price for the quality control on my mags. Good thing I got them for free!!
by Zach C. on 01/18/2015
"Out of the box, the mags look and feel amazing, because they are metal. But in performance, I noticed feeding problems. The spring in the magazine does not reach to the bb catch where the feeding nozzle goes. It sits a few millimeters below it, and after so much the bbs will stop feeding. This only happened to one of the mags, so don't think they are all going to do this.
by John K. on 05/16/2016
"i bought two sets of these garbage AK mags, i dunno if i got a bad batch or what but heres what i got for 80 bucks...

only 2 out of ten even fit in my AK to begin with, most of them were too wide to fit in the magwell so i had to do HEAVY filing of metal on the sides to get them to lever in without getting stuck,

afterwards i thought everything would be fine, i loaded each midcap to close to 150 rounds AS ADVERTISED... the springs acted like i had over-loaded the tubes and refused to feed, one by one over a two-day event as i shot out and refilled them, every magazine i had from this batch stopped feeding or fed so slow it was useless... and this was all happening at a mid-caps only event with over 600 people so im aiming at people and... NOTHING, FROM A FULL MAG!! AND I KNOW I DIDNT OVERFEED THESE THINGS!!!

i threw these all out, literally threw them, borrowed some midcaps from friends, and finished off the event with a bad taste in my mouth from wasting money on these mags.