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Pre-Order ETA August 2018 JG Newest Version M16-VN Vietnam Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

18 Customer Reviews

by Ryan S. on 06/01/2018
"Great AEG for the price...Looks pretty close to the real deal M16A1 used in Vietnam, there are a few things here and there thats different to the real M16A1. It feels durable and is made out of Metal and ABS Plastic, Its got a nice battery compartment. I like the working bolt catch, Most importantly it shoots nice and smooth and feeds VERY WELL. I like the matte black finish. I highly recommend it. The only issue is very minor--the front iron sights middle bar is a little short but you can raise it up or replace it. GREAT AIRSOFT GUN!!!
by Anthony S. on 05/26/2018
"WOW,,, What a nice piece,, I love it,, shoots like All get-out, full is so fun,, single is so accurate,,,WOW ,, it’s awesome,, I like the VN LOOK,,, the hole package is great ,, OH YEAH,,, Looks great hanging on the wall in the man cave ! !
by Barbra W. on 03/23/2018
"Talk about a tack driver! This rifle is accurate out to 50yards and beyond, I've had no maintenance issues what so ever.

Pros: extremely accurate
Extremely well made
Large battery compartment
Comfortable to hold
Great hopup (I see no need to upgrade in the near future)

Cons: light handguard wobble
Slight magazine wobble
Lower receiver isnt completely accurate to an a1 m16

Overall amazing weapon that I would personally recommend to anyone
by octavio s. on 11/30/2017
this is a very good gun, the weight is realistic The working bolt catch adds a lot of realism , I really like the tree prong flash hider , there is a bunch of space for battery in the massive stock the hadguard is very cool , the trigger response is good

CONS: The plastic of the handguard and stock have a good finish but it gets scratched very easily, the pins are very hard to get out the few times.
sometimes the gun will double feed (shoot two bbs at the same time) when in full auto ,
the gun could have way more range but the hop up makes the bb drop
it is hard to carry in bags becouse is so long
The front sight is very short ( the lil stick in the front is not tall enough) so is very hard to aim
by george t. on 07/07/2017
"This is a very nice weapon, build seems to be solid. Its a nice piece to display or shoot . The hop up unit probably should be upgraded straight away but other than that its a pretty decent gun, and yes, the bolt catch IS funcitional.....nice touch!
by gideon c. on 03/13/2017
"I bought this trying to do a Vietnam style load out because i had inherited some gear from my family. I have to say this is an awesome rifle, accurate for a good distance if you sight it in properly and with a look that inspires awe in teammates and fear in opponents.I have been complemented by many people at my home field. I have not upgraded this rifle at all and still it functions fine. The only problems i have had are: if the battery is not fully charged the range and performance of the rifle somewhat decrease, and the grip apparently has a magnetic element in it so when i passed the magazine (which had a metal case and some metal internal components) the springs operating it popped out of place and i could not, even after disassembling it, fix it. I recommend to all those wanting to buy this to buy the metal flash hider ( don't be stupid and flash it around in public with out the orange or you might be shot) because you have a greater chance of being seen with it, and buy a smart charger if you don't have access to one already to properly charge your batteries.
by Allen C. on 12/11/2016
"Bought it in February 2016, out of the box it was accurate and shot really well! Would definitely buy another one, handguard wasn't as good as I thought it would be but was still really durable!
by Jake A. on 12/02/2016
"I bought this gun in February of 2015 along with a 5 pack of the 180 round mags and 2 400 round mags. I have used a 9.6v 1600mah battery in it since the day I got it. I have only ever had one problem with it and that would be the stock. After running around with it and playing all day, after about a week of having it, the stock became REALLY lose and almost fell off. Yeah sure, no problem. Just tighten it back up and good to go, right? Nope. There's an Allen screw waayyy in the back of the stock, which takes a 10" Allen to reach. Total pain. But after tightening it up, I never once had another problem with it. The gun is built to last. It's entirely metal and can take some punishment. Even the plastic is as durable as the rest of the gun. Internals are good. I haven't touched them at all. It's entirely stock still because I never felt the need to upgrade it. It can reach out and pat someone on the back from 150' away easy. I have nothing but good things to say about this gun, besides that stock issue. Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone. No matter a beginner, or veteran airsofter. I wish I could tell you how upgrading it is, but I never needed to.

It never wants to quit working, it just keeps going
Feels great in your hands. Feels even better when shouldered
Light, but not too light. Perfectly balanced too
ROF is great with 9.6v
Has that 'Nam look and vibe
Affordable and dependable
Accurate. Amazing for outdoor play

That freaking god-awful orange tip. Had to take a heat gun to it and melt it off to put my metal 3 prong flash hider on. Not even a Ka-Bar could hack if off.
Hop-up does kinda suck.
Isn't entirely an M16A1. It's got quite a bit of A2 in there. But I didn't get it for the historical accuracy.
The buttstock on it. Was an easy fix for me though.

I plan on keeping this gun forever. If you are thinking about buying this gun, just do it. You will not be disappointed.
by Jeremy P. on 08/31/2016
"This is a great gun. Very sturdy and lightweight. This is a great gun for the price and a Vietnam M16A1 as well! Highly Recommend!!!
by Gianni Q. on 03/31/2016
"A well built rifle!
It's made of some pretty sturdy materials and feels really nice in the hands.
This gun has really nice range and the ROF is really nice as well.
It looks incredible realistic and looks even better with the steel flash hider that's recommended for it. The gun does what it's supposed to and does a really good job at that. JG has really improved over the years and has impressed me with this rifle.
by John H. on 07/20/2015
"Great gun! I'm a huge fan of the M16 rifle. And when i bought this I wasn't disappointed. If you really like the classic feel of the Vietnam M16A1 then this is the gun for you.

1. Light
2. Sturdy
3. Great FPS/ Range
4. Well built
5. Not too expensive

1. Only 190 round mag (not really a problem if you have a 350 M4/M16 mag)
2. Cant mount anything on it really (But hey its an M16A1!)

Overall great gun!
by Jake A. on 02/12/2015
"An amazing gun. i am very impressed with it. when i opened it up and pulled it out of the box i knew it was the start of something beautiful. i have owned many other guns but not one like this. its super easy to take apart but the stock is SUPER wobbly. and i definitly emphasize that. but nothing a 10 inch allen wrench cant fix. i just stuck it down into the stock and tightened it back up no problems. i bought the 5 mags to go along with it and all seemed to fit super snug and tight. kinda hard to take out but eh atleast i know they wont fall out and get lost while skirmishing. and the orange tip is like, they didnt want you to take that thing off at all costs like i had to melt the thing off and stick my black metal flash hider on there. all in all. powerful, reliable, beautiful. i love it. definitly 5 stars.

-Heavy (pro for me anyways)
-Completly metal
-High FPS
-Does look like the vietnam M16 (dont hate on me, i think it looks like it. for you fine detail nuts)
-Metal gears
-Love the bolt catch
-Feels sturdy
-Sights are beautiful

-plastic feels somewhat flimsy (i dont care im not gunna go beat trees with it)
-Hard to get that orange tip off
-Wobbly stock (you definitly need to be ingenuic to fix it)
-No way this is a CQB weapon (not really a con, things a beast)

All in all... I recommend this thing all the way. it wont disappoint you. just treat it right and it will treat you right. Awesome gun, Awesome website. Evike for the win
by Christian G. on 06/26/2014
"Pros: very nice JG trademark
FULL METAL( not ridiculously heavy either )
Decent battery
Mock gas tube

Cons: very wobbly stock, the screw keeping it on the receiver is a hex screw, all the way in the back of the stock of all places…
Flash hider is a pain to take off
Rear sight is a bit off, don't know how to adjust it

Very awesome gun
Good price
by Nathaneal M. on 03/09/2014
I have to say im really impressed with this weapon. Out of the box on a cold day with a 9.6v it shot 393fps with .20 bbs at 12 RPS. The range i have to say is about 130~ before the bullets start going down. (.25)

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 190rd VN mags SUCK!! when you wind it it only holds like 10 to 15 bbs and you have to rewind. id recommend the 360rd M4 style mags.

Decent metal
shoots well
THE MOST in depth manual you'll find

hop up could be better
buckings might be slightly bad
cheaper metal than the KWA brands but its still very durable!
Orange tip is a pain to take off (for me at least)
Hard to change batterys on the fly (you have to take the butt plate off the gun in order to change batteries. (holds a 9.6v battery quite well)
by Sharon M. on 07/15/2016
"Pretty nice gun for the price. For $155 it's a great Vietnam piece. And externally the quality is great! I can't speak for internal quality as of yet being as I've only had it two or three days, but from taking a quick look at the gearbox, It looks to be of pretty decent quality. The hop up bucking and chamber though barely affected the gun. I changed it within the first 24 hours. But after that cheap upgrade its running great and shoots a lot better! Only other complaint is the motor is really loud. Better shimming is definitely needed, but nothing a few minutes can't fix. Externally the gun is pretty well 100% accurate to the Vietnam m16 minus the three prong flash hider. But that's minor. All the usually nit picked things about an m16a1 (attached carry handle, lack of brass deflector, tear drop forward assist, a1 motor grip, etc are all there on the jg. I was kinda shocked that they got it all right. And the metal is a decent quality aluminum body. Only complaint for me was that the very popular ef 140 round midcaps were too loose in the mag well and could be removed without pressing the mag release. Other than those few minor complaints I have to say the gun is very well made for its price and makes a darn good looking Vietnam era rifle.