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by jason s. on 2016-10-17 18:13:21
"I really like this gun I wish for evike to keep selling this gun at this price because I won,t be able to by this gun until January 5 to buy and get for my kids that enjoy playing airsoft please let the airsoft boss know same as evike worker Matt thank you
by Connor S. on 2016-10-03 19:51:34
"i got this gun back in june of this year, and ever since i have just fell in love with this rifle. i get so many compliments on it at my local field, and it preforms great, it has a hard kick which i absolutely love, and is super comfortable to handle. it is also very light so easy to carry around on the field without getting tired. it has good accuracy out of the box, buy id still get a 6.01mm tight bore anyway. and OMG THE FPS!! for a gas assault rifle it has very good FPS. one complaint that i have about it is the hop-up adjustments. its hard to get to, but at the same time its really reliable, and as long as you have it set up correctly for a specific gram BB, then you'll never have to mess with the hop-up again.
by Dalton S. on 2016-06-07 11:32:10
"Alright i started off thinking that this gun could stand a little bit of CO2 use before i got the RA tech upgrades...well i was entirely wrong i put the mag in shot fantastic for like 3 mags worth then its not working so i pop the pin check whats going on and where the real extractor would be all the way in the back had actually ripped apart and my friend and i tried to repair it well that didn't work.But staying on track it was a rather nice gun for the first couple mags felt amazing to shoot and looked great too little sad there wasn't trade marks but we cant have it all. Its rather accurate and feels nice in the hands but this is the last time I try GBB. So all in all buy the gun if you want to put upgrades in it as soon as you get it or run green gas with it till the upgrades then try more stuff. Along with that watch out for your trigger box it can go bad with extensive use on full auto or rapid semi-auto fire.
by ricardo h. on 2015-08-04 20:50:39
"This is my first gbbr , the quality is good , good price, adjust the hop up is a bit difficult. cleaning this replica is easy. i buy five magazines, an inner ra tech 6.01 , an npas ratech ( Appears out of stock online but u can go to the store and They have it ) and a maple leaf 70 degrees and it works fine sthe Improve acuraccy and fps. I absolutely recommend this replica .
by Skyler R. on 2015-08-03 10:46:41
"Some people say the WE makes very bad quality products but they say that because they have never had a chance to actually use and play with a WE gas blowback rifle. I can tell you right now that this is the best rifle i have ever owned. I'm a huge H&K fan and I wanted a H&K 416 that was not a VFC so I gave this a shot. I've had the gun for about 2 months now and have had no problems with it. No words can describe how awesome this gun is so here is a list of pros and cons.....

-Superb quality (full metal lower and upper receivers)
-Amazing recoil (almost like shooting a .22 long rifle)
-Great gas efficiency (about 3 mags on 1 fill)
-Good weight
-Great accuracy
-Easy to break down and clean
-Crisp blowback and trigger response
-You have the option to go from a 14.5 inch outer barrel to a 10 inch CQB length outer barrel (more on that later)

-Hop-Up Adjustment can be tricky
-Needs to be lubed alot (I expected that since its a gbbr)
-30 round magazines will put you at a slight disadvantage against aeg users
-Your plastic nozzle will break if you try to cram more than 28 rounds into your magazines
-Fps is really hot for indoor (buy a npas)
-Cold weather is not your best friend (lol)
-You don't have this gun yet

How to remove outer barrel extension
1. Dissemble the gun fully and remove outer barrel
2. Take a small drill bit and drill out the first pin near the end of the extension (you will know when you are done drilling because you will drill thought the threads
3. take your outer barrel and drop the end of it into boiling water to soften up the glue holding the to parts together
4. Get some vise grips and grip one end of the barrel down
5. Grip the other end of the barrel and turn as hard as you can until it breaks free and twists
6. You now have a CQB length H&K 416

A Few Words:
Get a Angel Custom 6.01 tight bore inner barrel
Get a REAPS bucking
Get an RA Tech npas ($20 buck right here on Evike)
Lube and clean often
If you take care of this gun it will differently take care of you

Give WE tech another shot
by Colin G. on 2015-08-02 15:11:09
"This was my first gbbr and I'm EXTREMELY happy with this.
Other reviews have maybe mentioned or not but I'll try to go cover everything noteworthy.

The orange flash hider is aggravating as any other to get off and takes time. You can find how to remove it anywhere. The outer barrel sticking out can simply be twisted off by turning clockwise.

The rail system is VERY easy to disassemble. Simply twist off one large screw and the entire thing pulls off. This being my first gbbr I was utterly dumb founded by how sturdy and tight the entire thing felt with one basic screw. I would suggest at least half finger gloves if you're using this without rail covers. The rail is a bit sharp.

First time taking this apart I was able to install the 280 mm angel custom tightbore and 75 Maple Leaf bucking & Angel Customs NPAS (have review of that if curious) I've gotten confirmed kills at 220 ft. and this wasn't even meant for field play.

The hop up unit is a simple but very good design so far. My only complaints are the screw that holds the unit together is very small and can strip easily so BE CAREFUL.
Adjusting the hop up itself is a pain. It will require a lot of time really trying to dial it in. The screw you need is a 0.05 mm Allen screw and be careful to not be forceful otherwise you will strip this screw as well.

The biggest problem I see with this gun for most people is that the bolt catch is not very good. Wore down easily and was no longer catching. I had to do some dremeling but it's working every time now. Look for boobiegbb on YouTube. Best guides I've found.

One of the trigger group pins came out so I bought the spare parts package here for 25$ and it ended up being a lot more useful then I initially thought.

Taking apart the BCG is simple but just be careful and make sure you're organized or you will loose small pins.

I made the mistake of loosing a pin spring so my rear reciever pin kept falling out. If you want to put an ASAP sling mount on then be sure to catch the tiny spring that sticks out. This pushes a pin into the reciever pin which holds it in place. Without it the reciever pins WILL fall out.

The stock is the only thing I found to have wobble on my gun. Everything was tightly secured.

I've run this through several games and had outstanding performance in field considered this was meant as a cqb gun.
I would suggest murder oil to keep it well lubricated and if you're up to it some DIY to make it super efficient.

All in all this is a GREAT rifle. Personally I wanted to do all the TLC since it was my first and the experience was well worth it. Would definitely recommend to friends.
by Max B. on 2015-05-21 10:53:43
"One of the best GBB M4s out on the market. The mags are relatively cheap for gas guns, the build quality is superb, the recoil is amazing, and the gas efficiency is decent. One of the first things you notice about this guns when you pick it up is the weight. It comes it at around 8 lbs, and there is no wobble besides the LE stock, which you can replace with ease. All 4 mags I purchased were leak-free. One issue people may have with this gun is the FPS out of the box. It comes in at around 430 FPS with .20s, so an NPAS is a must. Once you've got that in, and a few mags, you're good to go. I use this gun internally stock besides the NPAS, and .28s make this gun a laser beam. Some accessories I would recommend would be a foregrip, and rail covers, because the CNC aluminum 416 rail system can cut your hand open if you don't wear gloves. One gripe I've had with this gun would have to be the orange flash hider. After a "dispute" with the ATF, WE-Tech had to super glue and pin the orange flash hiders on the outer barrel. Nothing a few minutes alone with a Dremel won't fix... You can remove the extended portion of the outer barrel and make this gun CQB friendly, but beware, there is a pin holding the steel barrel extension on.
I would take this over an LM4 any day.
by tom m. on 2015-04-28 19:08:00
"This was an amazing gun and I loved it. It had an awesome body's and amazing accuracy. My love for it disappeared when all of the other mags I bought with it refused to click into place in the mag well
by Francis R. on 2015-04-23 17:47:11
"I've been air softing for awhile now but this is my first Gas Blowback. I was hesitant at first because off the limited capacity of the magazines (only 30 bb's) and still being able to stay competitive, but after a month now I have NO regrets! The realism is awesome and having a gun that stops firing when the magazine is empty is WAY cool! The fit and feel of this rifle is top notch! Everything that should be metal IS, and what isn't supposed to be, ISN'T! It even breaks down like a real M4! If your thinking about getting into GBB and don't wanna drop four bills on a KWA, you can't go wrong with this gun!
by Jordan B. on 2015-03-04 13:00:39
"So I've had this rifle for about three months now and have been trying to put it through it's paces. I love the blowback and it is much more fun than an AEG. It is pretty accurate out of the box but if you want to take some longer shots in an outdoor game I'd recommend getting a new barrel and bucking. For cqb, you need to get a NPAS to regulate the FPS to whatever your rules are. This is a reliable gbbr in my experience, and relatively gas efficient (in warm weather, can't speak for it performance in cold). The gun's externals are SOLID, mine has no loose parts or wobble anywhere. The metal may scratch off a little (especially in the mags). I clean and lube it after pretty much every time I use it and I haven't had any problems at all with it.

Solid externals
Pretty strong internal components
Nice recoil
Decent accuracy out of the box
Pretty good gas efficiency
Lots of replacement and upgrade parts
Compatible with some real steel parts (and some take only a little modification)

Could be a little more accurate
One of my mags doesn't fit well (could be the mag)
Quite a bit of gas loss in full auto (problem with some stock open bolt gbbr's)
Metal can be scratched off a little
by Edward H. on 2014-12-18 15:03:09
"The WE M4-SOL (416) is a Booty gun that a few words can only begin to describe. I have had this gun since May and it is by far one of the best rifles I have ever owned. Instead of taking hours to describe the awesomeness that this gun is, I will just jump right into the pros and cons and then jump into a little story time.

-Excellent Quality (Full Metal Externals)
-Decent Accuracy and range out of the box but a REAPS bucking is HIGHLY recommended along with a 6.01 angel custom tightbore
-Great gas efficiency (About 90 rounds per gas fill)
-Great recoil feeling
-Comfortable trigger (not strong pull but not a hair, just right)
-Awesome handguard with plenty of rail space
-Comfortable grip
-Good weight
-Bolt locks on empty
-Power Stroking the bolt is possible
-Fire selector is stiff so you know when it changes
-Decent Iron sights
-Stock is lower quality but it gets the job done
-When upgraded can easily hit a target at 50 yards

-Plastic nozzle which breaks easily (especially if full auto is used)
-Small capacity mag which makes it difficult to get out of a tough situation
-Full auto is not efficient and is something I recommend not using
-Shot consistency is a little off, some shots have more power and range than others
-Less efficient in cold just like all other gas weapons
-Hop-up adjustment is a pain

-Purchase this rifle first
-Install a REAPS bucking
-Install a new barrel (I have a 6.01 angel custom tightbore)
-Don't buy the RA-Tech aluminum nozzle, it causes a lot of wear on the gun and in my opinion just isn't worth it. Buy multiple plastic nozzles instead and use semi-auto only
-Buy an NPAS (RA-Tech for $20)
-Lubricate often with silicon oil
-Buy multiple spare mags. I recommend green gas over co2 due to gas efficiency. I generally only get about 40 rounds out of a CO2 mag and they seem to break easier
-Clean often
-Only buy if you are willing to spend the money for upgrades, this is a hobby gun meant to be upgraded
-Take care of this rifle and it will take care of you

In order to make this gun the ultimate fighting machine I have added many things to it since the beginning. Below are the attachments and mods I have made to my gun.

-AIM mock ACOG
-Magpul angled foregrip
-NcStar Zombie STRYKE green laser
-Surefire flashlight
- Suppressor

-REAPS bucking
-Angel Custom 6.01 tightbore (400mm)
-RA-Tech aluminum nozzle
-I painted the rifle to a two-tone of black and tan
-More will be added eventually

Just to provide some examples of how awesome this gun is I thought I would tell some stories. The first takes place at DMZ airsoft in Colorado Springs. I was moving with my buddy trying to clear out one of the main hallways when a kid about 30 yards away began firing on us to pin us down. I popped up from my cover and in one shot hit the kid right in the head when only about 2 inches of his helmet were in view. If that doesn't describe precision then I don't know what does.
Another took place in a field near my house. The first occurrence at this area was when I engaged one of my friends and he attempted to retreat. He ran down a cliff and was about 60 yards away when I fired only three shots and hit him right in the side. Once again an excellent example of precision shooting from this gun. The next time I was at the area, I hit another friend right in the glasses in one shot when only his head was showing. This was about a 25 yard shot.

Overall, just go buy this gun right now. It is the greatest purchase you will ever make and I could not be more satisfied with WE and Evike. I wish I could continue to tell the awesomeness of this rifle but this review is already incredibly long. I hope this helps all who are considering a purchase of a WE rifle and especially the M4 SOL (416)
by Noah C. on 2014-12-02 21:30:54
"I received this gun today and I have a couple adjectives that describe this gun: heavy, robust, and beautiful. I thought that there was going to be nothing on the sides for "trades". Nope, WE industry trades. Love them.

Looks, weight, gbb system with co2 mags...

I used .25 bbs and they were going all over the place. Im gonna try .30s, loud recoil spring in buffer tube( I think...)

The cons could probably all be fixed. That's what it was like right out of the box (after spraying with silicone oil). Probably just needs to be broken in.

All in all, I got the JG 416 stock and made a WE 416. One dream gun down, a lot more to go.

Thanks, Evike!

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