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Model: Vest-2952-T
Location: D10-005

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by Guy K. on 2013-07-16 13:32:10
"Had this vest for about a month now and wanted to use it for a few games before I wrote a review. Out of the box this a very unique vest. Unlike most vests, which are one piece, this vest is 4; front plate, back plate, and the 2 sides. You are able to remove the back plate, but the two sides are then only attached by a zig-zagging bungie cord, which makes the sides pieces very lose. The front plate is not removable. This vest is also made for much larger people than myself (5'10", 150 pounds) and I had to sinch it up so much that I had to sew some places together for it to be a comfortable size that wasn't lose. The vest also has 4 bolts and washers to hold the shoulder pads to the rest of the vest. These were very lose when i got the vest so tighten those up immediately if you purchase this. Overall, the vest is very comfortable, great padding, not to light, not to heavy, has lots of MOLLE, but be ready to make your own tweaks to it because it is not very easy to adjust to your person.
by Joshua W. on 2013-06-27 13:39:29
"I got this plate carrier today and I absolutely love it! It came with 2 inserts to keep things stiff, one in front and one for the camelback. My only two cons are that (1) when you remove the camel back it has a bungy cord zig zagging all the way down the back so there really isn't a "back", not a huge deal to me though. And (2) there are bolts/screws that hold the shoulder pads on, I'm afraid at some point they will tear through the fabric, but I would like to think I could get well over a year or 2 worth of hard playing before it became an issue, it may never be an issue at all, the fabric is thick enough that it should take a good beating.

Good Size
Great material (rip resistant)
Comes with a plate (foam of course, wrapped in fabric)
Removable camel back
Removable pad inserts
Strong design, thick padding/rubber etc.
Can change how high shoulder pads go, though its only 2 preset holes.

No real back if camel back is off, its like a bungy corded back. Doesn't bother me to much though, but could be a con for some.
Afraid the screws/bolts that hold the shoulders on the PC itself will rip through at some point.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)