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Model: G-47606

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by David F. on 2016-07-01 09:17:54
"This is my experience with these glasses. I own 3 pairs of Zulus. A pair of ESS Goggles, and a pair of Smith Optics $180 Goggles with the Fan in it.

I live in Austin Tx, it's hot and humid. I've always had issues with fogging and tried everything. These shades work. They only fog if it rains a little bit and it's hot and steamy out. They do a good job of not fogging otherwise. For the price I'd say they are alright but the one thing I despise is the lenses. Here's why.

First time I ever bought these I opened the box and wiped the lint off the lenses with a microfiber cloth it scratched the lenses and I returned them immediately. Second pair I saw my buddies spraying anti fog spray on the lenses and I wiped the lenses off with a lint free cloth and it scratched and ruined and smudged the lenses. Returned them immediately. Bought another pair for my buddy to use cause these are the only glasses ive found that don't fog a lot and same thing happened. Right when you wipe the lenses with any cloth, doesn't matter how soft, it's going to scratch the lenses. Long story short, I've bought 6 pairs of these and they all get ruined immediately when you touch the lenses. They lenses are so soft that I won't buy these anymore. I tell everyone I see looking at them that they are garbage.

Got so tired of being nickel and dimed to death I invested in a pair of Smith Optics with the fans and problem solved. Do not buy these lenses unless it's a last resort.
by Ranger R. on 2016-05-03 18:25:27
"My favorite goggles. Used 'em for 8 months now.

Low profile, comfortable, and well ventilated. Fantastic field of vision, and fogs hardly at all. And it will not fog, at all, ever, if you wear protection. Which, in this day and age, everyone should:

by Michael F. on 2015-11-16 18:30:15
"These goggles were the best i have ever bought they have never fogged except once. I live in tropical south florida and they only fogged inside an old prison but that was nothing.
by Demetrius J. on 2015-08-19 03:28:59
"I bought these wanting to get away from paintball masks. I chose these specifically because they're made by Valken (Paintball company) they're low profile, cool looking and most importantly advertised the dual pane thermal lens which I've come to love in paintball. They worked decently for a few months, but now they've just gotten awful. I play at a field that has a nice cool breeze most times, but as soon as it dies down, these start to fog almost immediately. I've bought anti-fog, and have tried cleaning/ re-applying the anti fog after every game, but to no avail. They're still fogged in 10 minutes.

I strongly recommend you take your money elsewhere and find a proper non-fogging pair of airsoft goggles. Protection should never be an expense that's spared, and these are no exception. Spend the money on something you KNOW is going to work.

-Low Profile
-Elastic band secures tightly to head

-Terrible Fogging

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)