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CSI VSR-10 G-SPEC Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Mock Silencer - (Package: Rifle)

6 Customer Reviews

by Parker L. on 12/19/2016
"It is a very good budget gun. I spent about $120 with shipping and my friends thoughts that I have a 6.01 precision barrel, nope it was stock. It also come with a lot of other accessories like it's own rail, swivel sling mounts, and of course it's own suppressor. However it makes my bbs shoot in random directions, this can fixed if you buy and extended inner barrel that goes throughout the length the suppressor. The magazine is compatible with a pro sniper but the magwell doesn't support any other magazine that I can find besides it's own, except with some sanding and filing of the magwell it should work just like any other VSR-10.
by Calvin T. on 12/05/2016
"So, bought this bugger and figured, hey, if it's bad, then I'll send it back, if not, I've got a new thing. I also had ordered a DangerWerx arm, and an Action Army hop-up chamber from somewhere else. I scoured the internet for information on this gun, finding a mix of reviews, ranging from a hunk of junk that doesnt take other parts, to an exact JG Bar 10 clone. This caused me some worry, but I did it anyways, remaining hopeful. This rifle arrived today and I was pretty excited. I also got in the chamber and arm (don't ask why I got both). I instantly swapped out the chambers and the new AA fit like a glove! I am hopeful for the rest of this rifle, and will maybe update this thing when I finish beefing it up. I can't attest to the accuracy as of yet, but that can come later. So, if youre looking to buy this odd, slightly sketchy little guy, then DO IT. Also, the silencer makes a pretty significant sound difference.
by JEREMY S. on 05/17/2017
"Got this with the intent to upgrade, shot good out of the box, but not consistent enough for me. I put in an action army hopup, new bucking, stainless 6.03 barrel extended into the suppressor, angel custom zero trigger unit, stainless spring guide, and m170 spring. Took it out to a small game over the weekend and won 3/3 games. My buddy said it hits like a mac truck and i believe him from the sound of the ricochets. From what Ive seen so far all the upgrades for any marui type vsr10 will work. The suppressor is a little wonky though i had to drill the end out so the bbs didnt hit. All in all, pretty decent.
by Kobe R. on 05/03/2016
"It is light weight and good but the hop up is terrible i upgaded mine and love it
by Émile K. on 08/11/2015
"Awesome sniper! His short size make it a cool urban-combat sniper, and it doesnt make a sound when shooting! The only problem I have with is that it doesnt feed very well. I thought it was a mag problem but still does it with a new one. I recommend it to players who are going to upgrade it and put money on it.
by Daniel F. on 08/31/2013
"i got this gun like a month ago and it was a good, accurate rifle. i also ordered it with a angel 6.01 tightbore, angel bucking, and angel spacers. i installed those and it was a higher fps, way higher accuracy, and much more consistent gun. NOTICE:the part that goes into the supressor is not wide enough for a tightbore. you must drill out a few centimeters and then it will extend into the supressor. i used my old outer barrel from a tsd sd700 and it worked. Also, the piston has a dampener that mkes the fp like 300 with .2s. once you take it out its like 420 fps. once everything was situated it was one of the best snipers ive used. shots like a mauri gspec but faster. i got a headshot on my freind at 175 feet easily. i was wearing a ghillie suit so he couldnt see me. it also hit someone at almost 300 feet with the hop up a little up.