Reviews: Future Energy Brass Loading Nozzle for KWA KRISS Airsoft GBB Rifles


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Model: P-FE-0622

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by Victor C. on 2013-11-05 06:24:49
"Just installed this part a few days ago and it doesn't seem to be the best upgrade for my gun

First off after dissassembling my loading nozzle I swapped out the stock plastic nozzle for this and immediately noticed that the roll pin didn't have sufficient space to be pushed back in but after a while of messing with it got it to fit properly

Then when it came to installing it back into the super v housing for the loading nozzle the little spring retainer in the end of it also didn't sit correctly into its housing in the rear but was once again able to get it in after a while of messing with it

Immediately after I saw that the entire loading nozzle wouls not sit to the very rear of the super v housing for the loading nozzle so when it came time to test fire the mechaniism would not cycle entirely. Since the nozzle was sllightly protruding more than it should from the housing the gun wouldn't even fire unless I cleared the chamber or double load the bucking in the hop up

So all in all not a good purchase for me as I am not sure if the parts in my gun were slightly different or if this part was slightly different preventing it from fittiing properly and thereby preventing it from cyling properly

But from what I understand by reading other reviews this part typically saves a bit more gas and increases fps by 5 so try if you'd like but just be aware that your gun may also have these issues
by Glen C. on 2013-09-06 10:08:05
"Nice upgrade piece to the plastic one installed by KWA. Definitely will not break and the oil ring should be able to be replaced if we have issues with getting parts from KWA. So far, when stock a friend of mine had the piston crack and on mine the piston spring snapped (part 117) go luck getting that part. KWA doesn't have it. I was able to find it in HK, but shipping was like $27 for a $5 part. Ending up taking a M4 charging handle spring and cutting it down to length to work, so far it has been ok with about 500 shots through. Really having noticed my better cycling with this piece, but it does seem to save a little gas.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)