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Model: Gloves-251-BK-08
Location: Y2-885

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by Mark A. on 2013-10-25 01:13:00
allows user to access any capacitive touch screen devices easily
great to keep warm and add comfort underneath the hard knuckle protector
very strong velcro
gives user a sense of hidden protection when out at night with the ease of using a phone too
purchased during airsoftcon 2013 and got 25% off the 50 dollar price!
the size fit perfectly as my hands are skinny
great for airsofters when need to answer a phone and don't want to remove their gloves
great if using a drone
possibly can be used for in car navigation systems during cold winter nights
fireproof/flash proof nomex material

when using a device your finger may accidentally hit multiple buttons or the wrong button thats a given
takes a few clenches of the fist to get the leather to form to your hands
putting on the glove may need you to adjust the cuff as the cuff may get stuck within the glove

overall i'd buy this item again for my entire family. many people i know complain of not wanting to get their hands out of their pockets due to cold weather in order to answer a phone. i recommend this for any airsofter or even any normal person who wants good gloves that may save your life and your hands.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)