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Model: GR-GHK-G5-BK
Location: L6-043

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by Gavin B. on 2015-09-21 18:04:00
"Just got this and the carbine kit and it is fantastic. Installing the kit was easy to do thanks to the construction of the gun and the polymer feels light but not like a somewhat better quality plastic so much as an actual polymer. The default stock is also really nice and the fact that the gun also already comes with an m4 buffer tube to put m4 stocks on is really nice! Even better is the efficiency of the gas system. I can charge these mags for only 8 seconds and they can empty an entire mag. However, this gun has a few MINOR cons.

-This might be up to opinion, but the default iron sights are a bit small for a peephole sight and I changed the rear sight out.

-The magazines are VERY stiff to load and as such they require a few loads to loosen the spring.

-Also, the mags have a slightly larger lip so the adapter that comes with it to fit the lip of the magazine for speed loaders is the only one I can find that fits, so DONT lose it!.

-On top of this, because of the stiffness of the mags, you need to put some force onto the mags to not have a speed loader pop back out when pushing the plunger in to load BB's. It is a bit more tedious, but I find hand loading to be a bit more consistent although when you get to about 24 BB's the spring is a bit to tight to hand feed anymore. Get some more mags to compensate I guess.

Apart from this, great gun. If you want a good gas blowback, this is the way to go.
by Chaney L. on 2015-08-24 19:08:26
"This gbbr is beautiful! Bought it before I got out for summer break and used it over my summer and this thing is a beast!

-HARD crisp kick
-Loud (especially when you have an amp on it)
-Strong build
-Easy to open up and do maintenance on it
-Very uncommon on fields so you'll be recognized

by Josh S. on 2015-06-22 14:38:34
"The GHK G5 is a lightweight, reliable, and efficient platform great for cqb, but with its hopup, it can easily be a field gun. It has a fast rof, and very accurate. I destroyed everybody with it, and got lots of compliments of how cool it looks.

The lower reciever cracks. It is time for everyone to realize that it is a consumable part. On samoon, (ghk's retailor) they lowered the price of a new lower to $15 instead of $40 because of this issue. It is a PAIN IN THE BUTT to take out all the parts in the lower and reinstall them into a new one as the selector switch uses a 1mm allen key to take off. I havn't gotten a chance to find one, but a friend installed my new reciever. You might beable to gorilla glue your reciever back together to fix it, and sand down some edges, but there is a way that can atleast help stop it.

1. Get epoxy,
2. Fill the back of the lower reciever (where it has reinforcement plastic thingys)
3. Use a buffer tube adapter with the stock, as it cracks easier with the stock folded.

I gave this a 3/5 but it would've been a 5/5 if not for the lower reciever. I would honestly buy another one but if you want one make sure you find a tech that can replace the lower for you if you are not very diy inclined.
by Tom H. on 2015-06-18 15:38:20
"These GHK products are simply fantastic. The G5 is perhaps the best one yet. Gas efficiency, build quality and in the case of the G5, price are unbeatable. A small, light weight, efficient and great customization platform.
by Brad M. on 2015-03-06 12:27:03
"This gun is amazing! After using it in a few skirmishes it has held up nicely

No stock wobble, rail wobble, etc
Easy to perform maintenance
Shoots straight and hard
Unbelievable gas efficiency
Offers customization option with DMR and carbine kit

Hop is a pain to adjust
Mags are expensive
You don't have it yet

Buy this!
by Sam W. on 2015-02-28 09:50:47
"This gun is amazing! It is the most fun gun to shoot with the kick! It has so much kick it makes my replica EOTech shake off the rails! The first time I used it this guy saw it and wanted to play the next game with me because it is so AWESOME!

-amazing kick
-polymer which keeps it light weight
-you will fell like a badass when using it

-magazines are very heavy but it makes the gun a good weight
-so much kick it knocks my holographic sight off, but I just tape it on.
-magazines are expensive, but overall it is ok

Over all, with the cons, I still love the gun. I put magpuk furniture on it too
by javier f. on 2014-10-13 13:48:14
"yes the gun is awesome but you can get more the a month out of the gun before your lower receiver starts to crack that another 50 down you replace it and again i had to replace 3 lowers already in 3 month and i only play around 3 times a month
by nathaniel b. on 2014-09-20 18:35:40
"When I first got this gun, I really liked it. I had good range and accuracy despite the very short barrel. If I had to guess I would say the gun could shoot around 180 ft.
It had wasn't a gas hog, you could probably get 50 shots on a good fill. It was loud so it scared my friends, and it kicked hard. Overall I enjoyed playing with it.

Now, the bad news.
I don't know if mine was defective, but after firing about 400 shots at the most, the receiver cracked. I don't understand how it happened. I never abused the gun, I kept it well lubricated, and clean. I had not used it much and when I did I was careful with it. I find it sad that the gun cracked because of its own hard recoil.

The receiver cracked right beside the fire selector, just above the pistol grip.
So anyway here are some pros and cons.

Good range
Hard Kick (Kind of a con)
Loud (could be a con)
good gas consumption
compact and light

Hard kick (It broke the gun)
The plastic used cannot handle the hard kick.

I think it would be a good gun if the receiver was steel or something.
That would fix all the problems.

Hope this was helpful.
by Kyle R. on 2014-04-03 20:12:46
"I have used this gun for two months now. I have taken it out on multiple ops and it has performed perfectly. It is a gas blow back, so you will need to give it a little more TLC than a AEG but this gun has worked perfect. It really shines in the CQB settings. It kicks really hard and feels really good in your hand.

I would strongly encourage anyone to take a hard look at this gun.
by Austin D. on 2014-03-23 09:51:52
"Overall, an excellent buy. The rifle itself is amazingly light, but that doesnt take anything away from its durability. I've had this rifle since November and have played in cold (for a Floridian that's 50 degrees) and hot temperatures. When it is cold out, you have to be very careful with your rate of fire because it loves to jam. The solution is odd, but I find it best to run this gun dry. The more you lube it, the poorer it performs. If you must lube, use a light coating of the lightest silicone oil you can find. In the warmer temps however, it performs flawlessly with the exception of a few mag feeding jams on a few occasions. I'm satisfied with this gun except for the fact that my gun did not come with a bolt catch, and Evike refuses to special order it for me. While it doesn't affect the performance of the gun, technically, its depressing that the bolt doesn't lock back when you're out of ammo and simply continues to fire.

Amazing kick
low maintenance
Reliable in warm weather
Reliable enough in cold weather
CQB Friendly

No bolt catch (I seem to be the only person with this problem)
Low ammo capacity
Expensive mags
by Brenden E. on 2014-01-20 09:40:10
"Very satisfied with the gun. The metal bolt moving around in the polymer body provides existential kick back when compared to most gbbr of its size. I play field with the 12'' carbine kit on it and it performs very well. It is nice of GHK to provide after market parts for there guns that way you know you are going to get the same build quality to expect from them. I do recommend that you purchase the steel charging handle (can be found on evike) because it is a key part of the weapon necessary for function. Overall its a great gun.

One down side is all the "codsofters" mistaking this for the Scorpion Evo 3
by Andrew S. on 2013-09-08 01:07:55
"this is an amazing gun! i got the last one (sorry all of you looking to get it) i highly recommend this rifle to anyone looking to get a GBBR that is extremely light, has badass hard kick recoil, and is so loud you couldn't believe it was CQB friendly. Plus its not like every other M4 out there.

It does have its share of problems that aren't so hard or expensive to fix.
I actually bought one and took it home and while test firing and trying to zero in the sights i noticed that it was misfeeding every shot. Apparently there is a little rubber o-ring on the bolt that acts as a buffer so the bolt doesn't smash into a little seal in the inner barrel. if you fire on full auto for a bit it falls off and the bolt totally destroys that little plastic seal causing it to miss fire and need to be replaced.

What i did is go down to a hardware store and buy an HNBR o-ring kit. what works best is a 1/4"x27/64"x5/64 o-ring. get that and save you some time and money and replace the original one and you got yourself a kick ass little gun.

i just field tested it today and damn i felt like the coolest guy at the prom. Everyone was asking to try it out and those who i graced with it are probably ordering one right now. so here's some pro's and con's

pro's: hard kick, lightweight, loud and proud, sexy, CQB friendly

con's: that o-ring problem but now that i told you about it you can go and fix it or whatever! also the stock mag it came with leaks if i release all the gas and leave it overnight... but if i fill it up and leave it the leak tends to dissipate... i don't get it but it happened to 2 mags already so there's that

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