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ICS CXP16L Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Mock Silencer - Tan

8 Customer Reviews

by Chris R. on 02/04/2016
Just wow... Great gun, out of the box it was shooting 420fps, seeing as this was too much for the field where I play, I changed the spring so my fps was 310. The accuracy is ok, it was spot on at 450, but after downgrading, it's about 3" grouping at 100'.

Full Metal R.I.S. and body,
Metal Silencer
Crane stock
R.I.S. Hand guard covers
Fair R.O.F.
Wicked good looks
Quite(Not something I.C.S. is know for)

No Carry Handle
Does NOT make you immune to hits (I know, I know, but its the truth)

I would recommend this gun to DMR's, part-time snipers, SAW gunners on and anyone who wants THE BEST GUN ON THE FIELD!
by Terry L. on 02/04/2016
"This gun dominates the battlefield. It also comes with high quality accessories.
It is even better with a crane stock on it.
by Kolten W. on 02/20/2014
"I bought this gun a few months ago and I have been very impressed. Here are some pros and cons.

- Solid full metal body
- Pistol grip is very ergonomic and fits my hand perfectly
- Internals are great and I have had no problems with them
- Accurate and great range right out of the box with no mods, mine even came with the hop up dialed in
- Stock flip up iron sights are very nice, the back one has a sight for close range and one for long range, that you can flip between the two
- Full Metal quad rail RIS system, with probably more real estate than anybody can use
- Comes with a high impact polymer gripod and a full metal QD barrel extension/silencer
- Comes with a cd which you can view on your computer, has some videos of how to break down and put together your cxp-16 and other ics guns
- Forward assist to help save your internals
- 6 position high impact polymer crane stock with a big compartment for batteries, will fit any 9.6v 1600. MAH battery (I actually have a tenergy, valken and intellect one that fit just fine)
- Nice, non wobbly sling mount on the crane stock post
- ICS' famous split gear box with ease of access
- Reciever splits open like a real m4
- Functioning charging handle that pops open your dust cover on the side
- Takes the widely available m4 magazine (I have yet to find a m4 mag that doesn't fit and I have about 6 different brands, including a drum magazine)

Phew what a list now on to the cons (more nitpicks than anything else)

- As a result of being mostly metal this gun is pretty heavy but with a sling this should help alleviate your fatigue while using your cxp-16
- No front sling mount, I purchased one that goes on my side rail just fine
- Flash hider is plastic and since the QD silencer sits on that only it tends to tear it up if you take your QD silencer on and off (you can replace your flash hider but it's kind if a pain)
- Non functioning bolt catch
- The selector switch for your firing modes is easily moved, I personally would like a selector switch that takes more effort to change firing modes
- The gripod's legs when extended are not as good as a regular bipod, but If you honestly want a bipod you have the rail space for any kind you want

All in all I love this gun and it is my favorite gun out of the lot that I have. This gun shoots a little on the hot side, coming in about 400-410 but I imagine with some use that will go down as all springs do. I would say the rps on this is about 15-16 rps with a 9.6v battery. Barrel length is 300mm. I have heard people don't like the hop up system and state it's hard to tell if you are adding more or less hop. I honestly did not have a problem and actually prefer the ICS hop up unit as the wheel is large and easily adjusted. To adjust the hop up you turn the wheel up toward the top of the gun for less and down towards your magazine well for more. Even though this gun was very accurate stock, I decided to add a prometheus barrel and purple bucking and the range and accuracy is even better now! I give this gun 9 out of ten stars because I believe no gun is perfect, but this one is pretty close.
by andrew h. on 02/03/2014
"rate of fire 14/15 rps with 9.6
400fps with .2
good weight but with front barrel extension is kinda uneven
barrel extension is about 7 inches so about 160mm
im planning on lengthening the inner barrel so 460mm is bout the inner barrel length you would need maybe a little less though.
the hopup adjustment could be better but about 9 turns up with the notches it shoots father than i can see but i have like 30/40 vision so eh. my backyard it at least 120 feet cause we had to measure for water safety reasons and it shoots easily that far but id expect that from any gun with a good manufacturer. its kinda a pain for the batery cause you have to unscrew the screws on the buttpad but not the hex screw that just attaches the rubber. i put electrical tape on the mag cause there was some wobble. 8/10
by Josh S. on 09/09/2013
"The Gun as far as I know is great!


-Correct Rate
-Mock Suppressor Removable
-Great and Durable AEG
-Great Full metal Body(Tuff and long lasting)
-Great Fps!
-Easy to disassemble


-When Barrel is broken/Bent you have to buy a whole new gun

Any other cons I will figure out as I use this gun and as of now I LOVE!
by Graham U. on 08/27/2013
"Outstanding gun, good rof with a 9.6 and very accurate. I have no complaints. If you are looking for an excellent field gun, then look no further.

Build quality

Possibly a better bucking, but those are cheap.
by Kyle L. on 07/23/2013
"Full disclosure: I've only had this gun for roughly 2 weeks, but have had a chance to field it in a recent MilSim game.

-Very accurate for such a short internal barrel
-Nice FPS (mine shoots @ 400fps which is perfect for my local fields)
-Solid construction; top notch materials
-Split gearbox design is great for quick diagnosis of problems.
-Functional de-cocker (releases spring tension)
-Functional foregrip (w/ bi-pod) and "silencer" included.
-Upper receiver strips down (upper gearbox and hopup/barrel assembly) in a matter of seconds. Quickly change from a CQB setup (stock internal barrel) to a DMR rig (extended barrel + silencer) at your bench between games.

-Non-Functioning Bolt catch (nit picking but true)
-Foregrip is big and ugly (in my opinion)
-Rail and receiver are slightly different shades of tan (not a huge deal but worth mentioning)
-Proprietary hop-up and other internal parts mean that replacements parts have to come from ICS. The parts all seem to be really well made, but I don't like being limited to only one supplier.
-The hop-up is non traditional and I still find myself trying to figure out if I'm increase hop-up or decreasing it due to the adjuster's design.
-It shoots pretty hot out of the box, so if you play mainly CQB, order a m110 spring with this (I did, but ended up not even using it as it passed chrono, just barely)
by Robert R. on 05/06/2013
"I've had this gun for about a month now and all I can say is WOW! Here's are the PROS and CONS of this gun:

-Nice FPS
-Solid not wobbly
-Nice wieght and feel(7 lbs)
-Great paint finish
-NEW* Split GearBox Makes gun easily accessible
-Comes with a Suppressor and a Bi-pod/Verticle grip

-Suppresor has no suppressive ability
-Doesn't come with a Battery or Sling
-Non-Functioning Bolt catch
-Not compatable with *JG 350r Metal Hi-Cap Magazine For M4 M16 L85 SCAR Series Airsoft AE*(Seen on the Right of the page)

Overall I rate this gun a 9 out of 10. This gun is great for outdoor play. For CQB I reccomend taking the suppresor off and changing the upper half of the gear box to a indoor piston assembly. Happy Airsofting!