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G&P Evike High RPS 130rd Polymer Mid-CAP Magazine for M4 M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black / Set of 5

35 Customer Reviews

by Marc T. M. on 03/22/2017
"I have six of these G&P mid caps and I love them like no other magazine. I've been through many other magazines in search for the one that wouldn't mis-feed. These are solid. And more importantly CONSISTENT. I use a Krytac CRB MK2; 22-24 RPS and 20,000 bb's fired and NOT ONE SINGLE MIS-FEED.

P.S., try not to over feed your magazines, it probably isn't healthy for it. (110-120/130 capacity).
by Devin P. on 01/30/2017
"These mags were tested this weekend with the G&P Rapid Fire and the Lancer Tactical 12B. They fed flawlessly. I had no issues at all with them. Will be buying more.


Feed well (even with high ROF)
Fits great in mag well


Capacity (but if you have enough mags on you not a big deal)
by Michael S. on 01/25/2017
"Fantastic Quality! Purchased the 5 pack High RPS 130rd Mid-Cap's for my ICS PAR MK3 CQB rifle. They fit a bit snug, but after racking and ejecting the magazine several times they started fitting just perfectly.

They load all 130 rounds just fine, the spring has a higher push rating so loading with a speedloader may cause a few issues where the spring is pushing the BB's back into the loader. You just have to wiggle it around a bit and inject some more in to get past this. Every round fires perfectly at 24+ rps, every now adn then I get a double shot on semi with an 11.1 lipo at ~420 fps on my rifle.. this is easily sorted by fixing the AOE annd delaying the tappet plate a little.

There will always be a single round left in each magazine, only once out of 5000+ BB's have I ever shot the last round out. Not a problem in the least with that, as the other 129 fired perfectly.
by matt l. on 11/01/2016
"This was tested in a Polarstar HK416 from 2013 (same magwell). No other mags fed well so I got 4 different brands: 6mm pro shop, Elite force, G&P 130rd, and EVIKE BAMF. These magazines are PERFECT! Fit and don't skip a beat feeding.
by Nathan S. on 08/20/2016
"These fit and feed like a dream. Get them!
by Mitch V. on 06/14/2016
"I bought these,the 5 pack,and I'm not disappointed one bit! Perfect fit. Perfect feed. Solid as a rock even though it's plastic,it's not cheap flimsy plastic. It's sturdy. Very sturdy. They fit my G&G CM16 Mod-0 perfectly. As for other M4 types im not sure,but if you have a Combat Machine,I'm certain you wont be disappointed. Very solid item!
by Victor S. on 11/04/2015
"Great mid caps! I got these for my G&G CM16 they feed great, have very little wobble, and for the price at $11 a mag!? Must buy.
by Frits Peter R. on 09/19/2015
"Good mags if you svant something that dose not cost a fortune.
But not as good as pts or hex mags dho..

-The feel of high qualety polymer.
One of the best wights and feels on a polymer mag I have seen.
-feeding is ok.
If you don't fill the mag all the way it is good, but you kinda never know how many bbs you got since it is double stack (it would have been amazing if it had single stack..)

-Kinda lame EV stamp all over, (it dose give superb grip, but it dose not look pretty)
by Houston E. on 08/23/2015
"Owned these for a year now. one got run over by a 3 ton ford f150, and i picked it up, put in in my gun, and emptied the clip on the target. These mags are tough.

-Extremely smooth feeding
-in 76 hours of solid, high intensity gameplay, never once jammed
-INDESTRUCTIBLE! seriously tough

-people will try and steal these. They are that good. True story.
by Nijae V. on 06/04/2015
"The best mid caps ever! I never had any miss feeds or jams.

Cool trades
Flawless feeling
Good solid feel
Easy to disassemble

A little tight in the mag well

I would definitely recommend mag!
by Damien P. on 05/26/2015
"Best mid caps I've ever used. They're very durable and feed amazingly on My Krytac CRB. Only problem I have is that it doesn't feed the last 2 bbs but that isn't a major issue.
by Pawan H. on 03/08/2015
"Used with my Magpul Masada SV. They fit well and feed amazingly. I have started experiencing issues with my Magpul Pmags when fully loaded so I tried these out. No misfeeds and they feed just as well with ROF not suffering.
by Elvis G. on 11/08/2014
"Excellent magazines. The look, feel and perform well. Never had a jam or feeding issue. The are light weight and quiet. And awesome.
by Javen S. on 06/06/2014
"These magazines are GREAT!!!! Just bought two of them and received them today, they have the same weight as the real steel fully loaded with 5.56 nato rounds. the strength of the polymer is outstanding. the prop bullets look very nice and there is also a spring visible for even more realism. only thing is you need to make sure you have a speed loader and silicon oil because there is no trap door, result of it being mid cap. that also means no winding. the silicon oil is just for helping the spring slide smoothly. I recomend filling the mag then letting it sit for an hour, after that fire off the whole mag. i do not regret this buy
by Frank M. on 06/06/2014
"Flawless feeding and fitting on my G&G fighting cat and my outdoor G&P SPR.

Dummy rounds look awesome and super realistic
perfect feeding
fits solid in my rifles
I personally like the look over standard pmags

nothing really...