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G&P Evike High RPS 130rd Polymer Mid-CAP Magazine for M4 M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / Set of 5)

109 Customer Reviews

by Rick S. on 09/14/2017
"Fits in ICS Komodo little snug but no wobble, feeds well
by Elijah T. on 08/26/2017
"Great mags, High rof, durable, lightweight, I bought 10
by Reed M. on 08/16/2017
"Best Mid-Caps I've used yet, when I upgraded my gun to shoot 18+ rps my other mags would not keep up. These did the trick. Fits in my magwell with zero wobble, yet falls straight out with mag release. Couldn't be happier. Currently running in my heavily modded G&G SRXL. Also performed flawlessly in my APS M4.
Highly recommend, especially if you're getting high rps.
by Joel G. on 07/15/2017
"These fit and feed flawlessly in my A&K Mk46 SAW. A rare find.
by Travis G. on 07/11/2017
"Feeds my Krytac flawlessly
by Ben T. on 06/01/2017
"Yeah these are as perfect as everyone says. They load fast. They shoot fast. Impeccable build quality. They do not look or feel cheap. The texture looks aggressive with attached to the rifle. Have had 0 issues with them and I have 5 of them.
by Elijah T. on 05/29/2017
"High performance magazine!


Fast feed

Works every time
by Travis G. on 04/19/2017
"Tight fit in my Krytac CRB mk2, but I like that, better than my BAMFs that wiggle a little. Feeds down to the very last BB, keeps up perfect with my Lipo's as advertised
by Jeff C. on 03/31/2017
"Just got these in and right away they feel amazing, very well built and they feel tough.
feed well

its a little tough to load it mainly because of the stronger spring in it, side note if you use an efsl14 its pretty much impossible to load these mags. The spring is just that strong

either way they work very well might need to be broken in, personally ill probably get another box of ef midcaps
by Marc T. M. on 03/22/2017
"Want a Mag that doesn't mis-feed? Want consistency? This is the one.

This is the one.
by Marc T. M. on 03/22/2017
"I have six of these G&P mid caps and I love them like no other magazine. I've been through many other magazines in search for the one that wouldn't mis-feed. These are solid. And more importantly CONSISTENT. I use a Krytac CRB MK2; 22-24 RPS and 20,000 bb's fired and NOT ONE SINGLE MIS-FEED.

P.S., try not to over feed your magazines, it probably isn't healthy for it. (110-120/130 capacity).
by Devin P. on 01/30/2017
"These mags were tested this weekend with the G&P Rapid Fire and the Lancer Tactical 12B. They fed flawlessly. I had no issues at all with them. Will be buying more.


Feed well (even with high ROF)
Fits great in mag well


Capacity (but if you have enough mags on you not a big deal)
by Michael S. on 01/25/2017
"Fantastic Quality! Purchased the 5 pack High RPS 130rd Mid-Cap's for my ICS PAR MK3 CQB rifle. They fit a bit snug, but after racking and ejecting the magazine several times they started fitting just perfectly.

They load all 130 rounds just fine, the spring has a higher push rating so loading with a speedloader may cause a few issues where the spring is pushing the BB's back into the loader. You just have to wiggle it around a bit and inject some more in to get past this. Every round fires perfectly at 24+ rps, every now adn then I get a double shot on semi with an 11.1 lipo at ~420 fps on my rifle.. this is easily sorted by fixing the AOE annd delaying the tappet plate a little.

There will always be a single round left in each magazine, only once out of 5000+ BB's have I ever shot the last round out. Not a problem in the least with that, as the other 129 fired perfectly.
by matt l. on 11/01/2016
"This was tested in a Polarstar HK416 from 2013 (same magwell). No other mags fed well so I got 4 different brands: 6mm pro shop, Elite force, G&P 130rd, and EVIKE BAMF. These magazines are PERFECT! Fit and don't skip a beat feeding.
by Riley B. on 10/02/2016
"Simply one hell of a mag. It looks great, it feels great, with the mag assist base plate it becomes amazingly easy to use, and when I made the mistake of buying some very sub-par bb's, my G&P mags were the only ones that refused to jam.
TL;DR: Buy this mag if you want reliability, usability, and some smoking good looks.