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G&P Evike High RPS 360rd Polymer HI-CAP Magazine for M4 M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / Set of 5)

26 Customer Reviews

by Todd M. on 10/30/2015
"This magazine is AMAZING right out of the box it feeds great.

Pros-Little winds alot of firing-very good looking-and right out of the box it fires fine.

Cons- the only con is that the BB's dont go out as well but still very accurate(I think its just because of my G&G combat machine

Overall excellent magazine i would suggest it to anyone who has a m16 ect.

Thank you G&P
by shengfu w. on 09/07/2015
"Used them when my friend loaned me his KWA ERG when my g36cs trigger contacts fused together. My other friend loaned me these magazines, and I loved the way they just fit into the KWA ERG, no wobble, came in very snug and cleanly, and fed nicely. Great quality high cap. Not a fan of the looks, but I'm sure someone else likes it, and if you want it, I reccomend you get this.
by pacey m. on 03/21/2015
"i just received these mags today they are great!
they don't feel cheap absolutely no wobble at all in my AEX mk18
by dylan a. on 10/06/2014
"for sure the best mags i have ever bought! they fit in my m4 very well and come out really well.
by Caleb C. on 07/30/2014
"So far, best AR mag I've used. Single spray of lube inside and there were no misfeeds. Winding wheel is recessed but very easy to turn, glide your finger across it and 10 rounds are loaded.
Did not have a snug "no wobble" fit in my gun, it was as loose as any other mag - but this had absolutely no impact on feeding whatsoever. It was also a bit thinner than I wad expecting, but that means nothing at all.
It is just an unfortunate coincidence that 80 rounds into firing my fusebox caught fire and burned out my motor.
As for RPS feed rate, I cannot comment; I run at only 850rpm.
I cannot think of a bad thing to say of this, unless you count the extremely slight cosmetic defect on mine? But I had to get a magnifying glass just to point it out to someone. I find it rather funny, honestly.
So unless you exclusively buy metal STANAGs only, there is no reason not to buy this magazine. 10/10.
by Chris F. on 06/28/2014
"Love these mags, they are the only Hi-Caps I will run. They're like pringles, you're not going to want just one of these. I use them in my ICS G33 and they feed flawlessly! Takes very few winds to empty the clip. They feel very sturdy and have a cool design to them.

Great feeding
Few winds needed
Quiet compared to other hi-caps
Very well built
Cool design


5/5 I love these mags! Only mags I run for M4s. They look and feel awesome. Very well built and the price is excellent. Don't get a single, get the 5 pack deal!
by Evan T. on 02/10/2014
"Wonderful Mag!
They feed perfectly in a Masada, and are the best of quality. Feed every round from a full wind, up to 25 bps in which a little lube is required. Overall great mag, and I pan to order several more!
by Joe M. on 11/26/2013
"Just picked up a pair. The feed well in my VFC at 25RPS.
Fit is tight compared to the loose fit of most other mags. Will have to lightly sand down a couple of tight spots but that's better than needing to tape up a loose mag.
by audrey m. on 11/25/2013
"These mags are aweasome! i used them in my G&P m4 shooting around 35rps with no misfeeds for the price these mags are very sturdy they have little to no wobble in my m4 and they look way better that the classic style m4 mag. i highly recomend these to anyone!


holds alot of ammo
high rps feeding


the winding mag is pushed in a bit farther than most m4s so its a bit harder to wind but no big deal.

by Carlos C. on 10/17/2013
"These mags are easily the best feeding mags I have owned. They feed in my 63 rps dsg build and I couln't ask for anything more!
by Chandler B. on 07/10/2013
"these mags are some of the best ive had I had a g&p moe m4 and I upgraded the motor and battery until it was shooting about 24-27 BPS and these DID NOT JAM ONCE!!!
and plus they kind of look like pmags so they go great with a magpul loadout

by john h. on 07/02/2013
"Great durable magazines, feeds flawlessly, fits and feeds in just about all of my personal AEG's that use m4 style mag. Color is another A+++ for us who run an arid environment setup. Evike bring in more of these cause we need them.
by David H. on 06/14/2013
"These are so sweet. They are super light weight. The only thing that turned me off about them is that they will not work on the KWA. They work on ARES, JG, A&K, and G&G. My SR7 & SR10 magwell is too short for them. I can not get the magazine in.
by Zach L. on 06/08/2013
"I just got these and they work perfect, I have a g&g cm16 with the matrix qd gearbox.
by Weston K. on 05/23/2013
"These mags impressed me. Not only do they look good, they function perfectly. Almost like Pmags but way cheaper. The only quarrel I have with them is that they fit the magwell on my VFC 4CRS VERY tightly. I'm assuming as I wear on them, it will become easier.

Sweet Looking
No jams yet or misfeeds

Real Tight in magwell (could be a pro for some who hate wobble)

BUY THESE MAGS. I have no regrets