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Model: Kit-AF-CM
Location: U1-018

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by Troy M. on 2015-08-25 07:28:09
"Two of my friends use this fan for airsoft and they say it works great! It keeps them fog free in even the most humid games. It only emits a slight amount of air so that its quiet and efficient. The construction is a little cheap but it works extremely well after each game my friends tell me to get one.
by David G. on 2015-06-11 18:15:58
"Isn't near strong enough for keeping the fog out of my welding helmet. Barely blows hard enough to blow out a match no matter what kind of batterys your using. I was told it will run up to 5 hours but mine barely runs 2 hours. Definately wasted $30!
by Christine T. on 2014-10-23 05:44:04
"This fan system is AMAZING I personaly love it I run a mich 2001 I mounted it to my Velcro and used the fasteners to attach the battery housing to my side rail on my 2001 the best thing is the fan counter waited my midland XTC (camera) and Mage my helmet a more stained platform so with that said mount it in a place where it won't throw off the balance of your helmet. I only had one MAJOR problem the wiring is BAD. It completly pulled out of the fan unit... I used it rigurosly for 9 1/2 months two or three times a month. So I am purcising another one right now. So if I'm purchasing another one that must mean it's AWESOME!
by Steve G. on 2014-06-01 21:26:15
"This fan works fantastic. I was able to squeeze the tube into my goggles and point it right where it needed to go. I did a mil-sim game a couple of weeks ago, and they ran the entire day (The batteries did need to be replaced by the end of the day, however. Just an fyi if you're playing non-stop for 8+ hours and never shut it off, you'll need to replace the batteries each day)

My only gripe is that the wiring is crappy. I ended up having shorts in the wire. I tried to take it apart and put fresh wires on it, but ended up breaking the housing in the process. If you're going to just mount it to a helmet and never move it again, you're probably golden. I was moving it between my Infantry Setup (Helmet) to my Sniper Setup (Boonie with ghillie suite setup) which probably was the downfall of the wiring.
by Matthew B. on 2013-12-05 21:24:23
"This works amazingly! I use a save phace grunt series and I still fog. This makes it not fog at all! This is a great investment. If you have fogging problems, get this!
by Jake D. on 2013-06-27 17:15:26
"Wow! This is an amazing product and a must have for any hardcore airsofter in need of an affordable yet outstanding goggle fan! To start off ill begin by telling you how I mounted it and then go from there. So basically the only way to mount this the easiest is to have it placed on a helmet. I don't really see any other way it could be mounted. I was able to attach the velcro it came with to the back of my helmet for the battery pack and then the actual fan to the side of the helmet, and then run the straw into my Arena FlakJak's. The straw can get in your way of vision so I recommend cutting it but don't cut it to much because you still want it to run well into the goggle, just out of your line of sight. I haven't actually used this in full combat yet but i used it in some training exercises with all my gear on and I was blown away!(no pun intended) I sweat a lot with my helmet, goggles, and face mask on and even though i was still sweating, there was absolute 0% fogging! I'm more than impressed with this fan so bottom line, get it guys its worth the price you pay by far!

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)