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Matrix CNC Aluminum Full Metal Airsoft RPG Grenade Launcher Challenge Kit

7 Customer Reviews

by ty v. on 02/01/2015
"i love the RPG-7 its the best rocket launcher ever.Me and some buddys were out playing airsoft in the lot nextdoor its like 2 acres and they were in a bunker we built.They had no idea i brought out the RPG-7 let alone own one so they charge and i pulled it up and yelled RPG!!!!!!! and they turn and ran like littles 5 year old girls haha.
by Christian G. on 07/03/2014
"Pros: full metal
Comes with a shell
Somewhat easy to build
Folding sights
Not as heavy as it seems

Cons: fake wood
No instructions to build together
Requires hex keys to put together
Rocket can't be effectively shot out far

Definitely get a gun bag when u buy this
And get spare semi-specific grenade shells
by Richard R. on 12/07/2013
"I got this a couple weeks ago, and it's so totally awesome! Took a bit to get it put together, but the thing looks amazing. If you get this, you win the airsoft game. Forever.
by Michael l. on 09/19/2013
"i have to say, i saw this when it first came out and i was impressed; i do plenty of vietnam sims to modern era sims, and if you are an OPFOR, rambo in the 2nd movie, or like pissing people off, i highly suggest this. it took me less than 5 minutes to put this bad boy together, and -funny enough- my black baclava also came in that day! so i went to the backyard and fired a few shells out of it. its picky with shells, but it will be trial and error. i highly recommend it as a cheap launcher and a reason to find ridges and/or rooftops to hide on and fire from.
by Elijah S. on 08/10/2013
"I will be honest in that I brought this to an airsoft match though I didn't fire it. I had it strapped on the right side of my vest on the back. I was going for the Russian Engineer loadout from battlefield 3 which I did and needless to say I was targeted the most because I was "too different." But my trusty custom AK-74U kept me on top. But my purpose for buying this was to make a video for my Final in my Video School and it did everything perfectly. I got an A along with being tagged "A person with a troubled mind." But the A is all that matters right? Haha okay, enough about personal stuff, lets get to it.

This being full metal, it has a pretty good weight to it which I like. Though like every other review says that it came with no instructions, they were right. It does not but i'm not surprised since this weapon doesn't really need it. It is indeed very simple and took me 7 minutes to put it together. The one shell it came with was an enjoyable fire since this was my actual first time with any kind of grenade launcher. The warhead itself went around maybe 3 yards. It was funny to see it go like POOFplop... Anyway, as i've learned, a lot of grenade shells don't fit this which is annoying. That was an immediate waste of 80 bucks until I get another grenade launcher. The wood itself is fake which is fine by me since I don't usually have high expectations of everything I buy, but I will say that it was annoying how the frame was a little loose so it rattled when ever I ran with it. But I fixed it now by filling it with some foam.

Nice weight to it (could be con to some)
Makes a badass prop for films
Makes a badass loadout that will get you pinned for 30 minutes
Simple to put together
Full metal all around

No other rocket heads for sale :(
Doesn't fit a lot of grenade shells ( kinda have to play with fire a little bit)
Wood frame became loose and rattly for mine
Rockets don't even go that far (maybe time for a modification project soon? _:D)
by Kevin M. on 06/04/2013
"I decided to take the "Challenge" with this RPG kit and I was not disappointed. Always wanting to have an RPG of my own but not having the $750 to buy it I jumped at the opportunity to buy this beauty at $230, even better I got it during the Memorial Weekend sale so it came out to about $190 including shipping, who could pass that up?

Upon receiving it I immediately brought it inside and opened it up, when they say challenge kit they mean it, it didn't come with any instructions on assembly but it really wasn't necessary due to its simplicity. Just from following the picture online I would say it took me about 7-8 minutes to completely put together.

After getting it all put together I noticed that the fake wooden wrap for the main body was a little loose which wasn't a terrible inconvenience, all I will really need to do is put a little foam between it and the body and it should fit snug and stop wiggling. The dummy head is probably the only cheap feeling part of this whole kit, made out of plastic it's more of a prop head than anything although you can shoot it. The rest of the RPG is full metal and it feels meaty when holding it, just coming in under 12 pounds which made me very happy.

The grenade is easy to load and unload and it fires like a dream although I have yet to fire the dummy head. I have to say I am completely satisfied with this challenge kit, easy assembly and a great price tag made this one a no-brainer for me to purchase, it's main purpose will be a prop in a lot of films that I make so on the realistic front I couldn't be happier, walking around with it over your shoulder just screams scary and I can't wait to use it in my films and of course on the field against my friends, they really don't stand a chance now :)

-Easy assembly
-Very affordable
-Extremely realistic
-Great scare/wow factor

-A few pieces come a little loose or too snug, just needs a little extra adjustment so no points off there.
-No instructions but honestly it doesn't need them.
-Only one 40mm grenade

If you are still on the fence about this one I would say go ahead and get it, you won't be disappointed!
This one is definitely the new centerpiece to my airsoft arsenal and you can also say you have finally bought that heavy weapon your collection desperately needed :)
by marc c. on 06/26/2013
"Ok i don't know where to start. Out of the box its apart as it says, you have to build it. Took me no longer than 10 min to do it. Just look at pictures and you got it. I had somewhat of a hard time to put the back barrel to the main barrel since the threading was really off but i got it in. Other than that it was all set to go.
It came with one grenade shell which was pretty nice but most of the current ones i had didn't fit which was a little annoying. I have the ICS grenade shells.

My first shot with it was hilarious. The head of the RPG went no more than 10 ft. I also bought the 12 pack of Evike balls for $5. These worked pretty good. It got to about 15 yds. The next couple shots the trigger mechanism was tricky but it will fire when you get it. Overall Im pretty satisfied and do recommend this for players.

-Metal parts
-Comes with a shell
-Simple to put together

-Barrel is tricky to put together since the threading was off
-Faux wood, what else do you expect from fake wood
-Better if it came with 2 shells
-Make the warhead a better design so it can shoot further.